Gifting Alcohol, A Quick Guide


When invited to some sort of dinner or celebration, it can be difficult to decide on a gift to bring. Fortunately, alcohol is a delicious, versatile gift for any occasion.

Types of Alcohol to Gift

There are different types of alcohol you can present to someone as a gift. Try to go for a gift you know they enjoy, but generally, as long as you are thoughtful, you can’t really go wrong.


While whiskey is a great alcohol gift, not everyone is a whiskey person. Try for a versatile whiskey that doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor profile so that the user can either include them in cocktails or sip it straight.


To give someone rum, you’ll first want to know if that individual actually likes rum. It can be an acquired taste, and once you have deciphered that your giftee enjoys rum, you’ll have a range of different flavors and types to choose from.


Vodka makes a great gift because it pairs well with everything and can be enjoyed alone and with mixers. See if your giftee prefers plain or flavored vodkas.


Tequila is certainly a crowd pleaser, and most people would be more than happy to accept a gift of tequila. However, there are different kinds of tequila, and while some are great for shots, others taste better when added to cocktails. You can see what kind of tequila the individual likes by taking a peek at their drink stash.


Gin was originally developed as a medicine, and it is still used today as an old-fashioned way of curing certain ailments. There are certain types of gin, each with different basic flavors, and they can suit a variety of tastes. The types of drinks the person receiving the gift consumes are good to know; if they enjoy cocktails, certain kinds of gin are better with cocktails.


Brandy is essentially distilled wine, and again, it can be an acquired case. Most brandy is made to be enjoyed neat, but if you have no idea what kind of brandy the giftee might like, try Hennessy.


Think carefully about the alcohol gift when it’s to celebrate an individual’s birthday. You want the gift to be thoughtful and show that you care for them. So, consider what the birthday celebrant enjoys. Do they prefer specific alcohols, or are they someone who is open to trying new things? If they are the former, you want to play it safe and choose a specific alcoholic beverage they enjoy. But if they are the latter, you have the freedom to be creative with your gift and introduce them to something new.

Dinner Parties

When attending a dinner party or a housewarming party, it’s a common courtesy to bring the host something, whether it be a dish or a gift. Alcohol makes a great gift on these occasions, but you have to remember that the gift is for the host, not the guests. You want to choose something that the host is going to like. And don’t be offended if the host doesn’t immediately try out your gift; they might not consume it on the day you give it to them, but that doesn’t make them less grateful for it.


Milestones in life, like baptisms, anniversaries, and weddings, are great opportunities to gift alcohol. Add-ons like flutes or shot glasses are also acceptable, but alcohol should be the primary gift. Again, the gift should be centered on the tastes of the giftee.

Alcohol Gifting Do’s and Don’ts

While anyone would be appreciative of a gift, there are some do’s and don’ts of gifting alcohol.


  • Introduce something new to the recipient, but make sure it’s not alcohol that the recipient has declared distaste for.
  • Presents the alcohol in a nice way. You can add a gift tag and place it in either wrapping paper or a gift bag.
  • If you think the alcohol alone is not enough, you can gift it with something else. For example, you can include a cocktail gift set along with your alcohol.


  • Don’t gift a type of alcohol just because you like it. The point is to be thoughtful of the recipient.
  • Avoid mailing alcohol to the recipient. Not only can it break, but it’s at risk of being stolen.
  • Don’t aim for an alcohol you can’t afford. While it is a generous thought, it’s better to remain within your budget. Your recipient is guaranteed to love it.

There are numerous other occasions that call for gifts, and alcohol is a fun and simple gift to give. It is made for sharing, which is what makes it so perfect for these special occasions. Alcohol is also a gift that is going to last, so the recipients can enjoy it for a long time.


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