Tips In Making A Garage Sale Poster


Garage sales are a great way to clean out your house, get rid of old junk you don’t want anymore, make some extra money, or even score some free stuff. P putting up garage sale signs is one way of getting the word out about your sale. If you hire professionals to do it for you, this can be really pricey. So how do you get these signs for free?

Simple: by using a poster maker.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but the most important thing is that it should have all the necessary information about your sale. Here are some tips on how to make a garage sale poster:

The Sale Information

The very first thing you should put when working on an online poster maker is the information about the actual sale. You want to make it simple for your potential customers, so they would know if this sale is definitely for them or not (and how far they will have to go to get there). It should state clearly where your garage sale is going to be held, if it’s a one-day-only sale or not, the date and time of the sale, who’s conducting it (if you’re not), as well as relevant details such as where to park.

The Map

Once you know where your garage sale is going to be held, you can include a small map in the poster maker online to help the potential customers get there. It’s best if you have someone who knows the areas around your neighborhood to make this for you. Unless of course, you want people from another city or even country showing up at your doorstep!

Make sure to make the map easy to read and understand. If you want, you can remake it into a cartoon version of your neighborhood that will help people get around easier.

The Pictures

People love pictures! Add some interesting photos on there that would make people want to come to your sale. If you have a good photo of your house or the surrounding area, then it’s great if you can include it using a custom poster maker.

Another great idea is to put up some photos of items you want to sell (like clothing, appliances, toys, etc.). This would make people think “Hey I can get 2 birds with 1 stone. First I’ll go to the garage sale and if there’s nothing interesting there then I can still go window shopping at the mall.”

For a poster maker app with lots of customization options, go to Venngage. 

Garage Sale Goods

To add some spice to your sale, you can also include pictures and a checklist of the items that you’re selling.  This can range from just a photo of your old CD collection to a close-up shot of the clothing and appliances that you’re selling.

Features and Pricing

You can put up some cool fonts on there and put in some creative text like “HUGE SALE” or “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” You can even make it stand out by making some parts of the text in a different color.

You can also include some phrases that would help your customers know if the item they want is on sale (you might even want to put up doodles or cute drawings on there).

You may also want to include price tags on the items with its corresponding sizes (e.g. “P50 per t-shirt, P100 for 2, etc.”) or with their corresponding quantity (“3 shirts left!”).

Buyer Beware!

It’s important to remind people that you are not responsible for any lost items. Put up a bold “NO REFUNDS” on your garage sale poster. This will let your customers know whether they want to buy the item or not.

A Few Other Advertising Tips

You can also advertise your garage sale by putting up some posters on electric posts and trees.

Your poster should be readable from a distance, so don’t make your text too small or put it in one corner of the poster. Make sure that the pictures and fonts you choose will make people take notice of the sign. Finally, keep your poster free from mistakes. Your poster is basically a reflection of how credible you are as a person and as a seller. Make sure that it’s well-put together and error-free.

Include Contact Info

With a digital poster maker, you can also put up other information on your garage sale poster depending on what you want to get out of it. You may want to include the email address or phone number of the person handling the sale so that people will know who they can ask questions from. You may even want to include some disclaimers for your protection, just in case there are some people who would want to take advantage of you.

To Summarize

The Garage Sale Poster is a great way to get your garage sale noticed and attract eager and enthusiastic shoppers. It’s also an easy project to help teach kids how to use computers and graphic-making tools. The important thing is you all find the many ways to make your garage sale poster stand out. Put up your best work—you might just get a customer or two, or even more!


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