Why You Should Bike More And Drive Less



With gas prices at an all-time high, increasingly large numbers of people are exploring other transportation options, especially e-bikes. How long can you keep up with making expensive trips to the gas station? Using an electric bike gives you the added edge of arriving early at your appointments without relying on your car. 

Many who drive have adapted to the idea of making propulsion seem like watching television. The concept of sitting like you are on a couch and watching the city go by is the strong point of addiction to driving for some. Others cannot just entertain the idea of other alternatives to the headaches attached to owning a car. Whatever your reasons, they have to be strong enough for you to desire driving less if you want to bike more. Need more reasons to motivate your decision to bike more? Keep reading; this one is for you. 

Biking More And Driving Less

  • Less Time In Traffic

Biking more is the first step towards spending less time in traffic. It is ideal to begin every business day as clear-headed and fresh-minded as possible. The time spent behind the wheels of a car in traffic can be detrimental to your daily potential for success, something that adds up when you consider the long term. Driving can give the feeling of being a little worked up before you even attempt the day’s business. It gets worse if you are stuck in a traffic jam. 

Riding an e-bike helps you see the opportunities available in traffic for you to ride through and arrive at your destination early. This is because you can always take any shortcuts or sideroads you are familiar with to avoid heavy traffic. In traffic, you can try to maneuver the e-bike to navigate through any space wide enough for your actual body. If the situation worsens, you can always lift the e-bike and relocate to a more suitable part of the traffic. 

  • Fewer Gas Expenses 

Another thing you will be seeing less and less of when you make the decision to bike more is gas prices. Biking more will have you depending on your car less, which means you make fewer trips to the gas station. We all know gas prices are at an all-time high. However, how strange would it be to find people who commute daily and could care less about gas prices? Not so strange indeed, since there are alternatives to using fuel-powered vehicles. 

It is unnecessary to feel bad because of gas prices that are out of your control. If you restructure your finances to accommodate an e-bike, it will be equally easy for you to care less and less about gas prices. 

  • Less Maintenance Cost

Compared to a car, an ebike allows you to ride more while driving less, which means you can afford to spend less on maintenance. It is commonly known that driving is costlier than biking, and the expenses are not limited to purchase costs. You still have to service regularly, replace parts as needed, and repair whatever fault it develops.

Maintenance costs are the reason many people are considering downsizing their second cars or even switching totally to e-bikes. After paying for a car, you keep paying to own it in maintenance costs over time, an amount that may eventually double the amount you paid for the car initially. 

  • A Better Exercise Routine

One thing many riders have come to appreciate about using an e-bike for transportation is its provision of a more convenient way to exercise. The pedal assist provided by electric bikes helps you propel without putting in maximum pedaling effort, depending on your preferred assist level. For the rider looking to exercise, this is a perfect option for when you need to adjust the settings to accommodate your requirements. 

The normal complaint from most people who work but don’t exercise is that they can never find time off work. If you fall within this group, choosing to use an e-bike will help you inculcate regular exercise into your life. And you will find it a lot interesting too! 

  • Youth Retention 

You will not be getting any exercise cooped up in a vehicle, no matter how long. Your best chance to get some exercise while on a quick grocery run or while spending time with your kids is with an . Regular biking has been proven to considerably improve physical and mental health. 

Generally, regular exercise helps with retaining youthfulness in the body and sometimes in looks. It is not enough to envy other cyclists around you for their youthful looks. You are merely seeing a result of discipline in exercise and diet. If you also want your body more athletic and youthful for older age, get an e-bike and stick to an exercise routine now. It is possible to start riding at any age, but it is better to start early.

  • Punctuality

There is usually an overlooked mass of motorists in major cities across the world leaving their homes before dawn to beat traffic so they can arrive early enough at their businesses. The problem with this is the fact that most of these people set out driving, which is a sure way to initiate traffic build-up. If you really want to arrive at your appointments early with time to spare, you should revisit your travel options. Something is wrong! 

Consistently trying to cut into your personal time to make room for traffic situations will come to an end once you begin biking. You will find your new transit habits more inclined towards taking familiar side roads and beating traffic! 


For many reasons, biking is a better option for transportation. How interesting is it that you get to save a ton of money that would otherwise have been spent on gas and maintenance while improving your health physically and mentally? This makes it important to make the right choice when getting an e-bike to replace your car. Make a list of your specific requirements and ensure the e-bike you are choosing can fulfill most, if not all of the requirements. 

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