How to Prepare Your First Family Bike Camping Trip


Creating and strengthening bonds with loved ones is one of the benefits of camping. As you camp, you spend more time together, learn new skills and create special memories with your family. However, ebike camping is one adventurous way to explore nature and spend time outdoors.

Combining the two activities presents challenges, even if you’re an experienced or first-time biker or camper. As beautiful as a camping experience is, bike camping with family can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re in for, especially when children are involved. Thus, being organized and having everything you need to have a fun-filled experience is essential for a successful bike camping vacation.

 Here is a helpful guide to camping basics for families to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Getting the right type of electric bicycle for your family is one sure way to make the most of your road trip. While there are many options, the ebike is a sure bet, especially for exploring the environment. Electric bicycles help you travel further and faster than conventional bicycles. While most models look like regular bikes, e-bikes have motors and batteries. Thanks to this, you can easily handle slopes, drive farther without becoming fatigued, keep up with traffic, and tow a small trailer. 

Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger is one fantastic bike you should try out. It has an extra-large, adaptable rear rack. Moreover, the sturdy aluminum rear rack can support loads of up to 120 pounds. You get to save money and extra space for camping essentials.

  • Have enough food, snacks, and water.

No bike camping trip would be complete without proper food preparations. During camping trips, your food should be transportable and simple to digest. A full day of cycling demands that you provide your body with the energy and nourishment it needs. It’s worthwhile to stock up on fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and healthy desserts in addition to traditional sandwiches. Depending on your camping schedule, you might need to stock up on either cooked or uncooked meals. 

Cooked meals mean you have to be particular about storage; raw meals mean you have to prepare means to get them cooked. Ensure you include enough water in your backpack while preparing for a family biking excursion. The body expends much energy during the ride and can rapidly dehydrate. Therefore, having an additional water bottle is worthwhile.

  • Tents and sleeping bags

The one thing you won’t want to compromise on is your tent. It’s essential to consider the tent’s size, water resistance, ease of setup, and portability while selecting one. You should invest heavily in a good tent if you intend to use your tent more frequently. To ensure you have as much space for sleeping as possible, consider bringing a second tent to store things like a portable toilet, food supplies, etc. 

A good rule of thumb is to get a tent with more sleeping space than the number of people using it to allow for excess space. In addition, you and your family need something to keep you warm at night. Sleep quality can make or break a trip. Therefore, taking time when selecting a sleeping bag is essential. Ensure you get the right size for your kids too.

  • Select a suitable route.

Choosing an appropriate route is pivotal in planning a family camping trip. The distance to your camping site and the terrain should be suitable for all age groups participating in the journey. For a first trip, avoid routes with many hills, a forest, or a busy road along the path. It would help if you also looked for extra attractions, like stopping at monuments, parks, or natural preserves. 

Younger riders will be more motivated if the route is different, and it may also be an opportunity to point out historical sites. Children are prone to boredom; however, a diversified trail will lessen this. Also, you can find bike-friendly roads and paths using maps, reviews, and websites. Check out some great cycling routes in the summer

  • Family games and activities

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature. You can add more color to your camping experience by having planned games and activities. These games serve as both physical and mental exercise. Some games also help to improve cognitive skills and help build a competitive spirit in your children. 

Furthermore, there is much free time due to less screen time. Camping games can help you pass the time and fill the gap. Almost every coffee table game you might play at home may be adapted and played over or near a campfire. Additionally, if you’re backpacking or in a tent during a torrential storm, tiny, lightweight games are fantastic. 

  • Toiletries and essentials

Having the proper amenities on hand can ensure that everyone stays clean and dry during your journey, even without access to your shower. Brushes and toothpaste are necessary; however, you should also carry shower gel, hand gel or soap, deodorant, face/baby wipes, and mouthwash. In addition, being in nature means you’re not alone. The outdoors can be wild and untamed. 

It can be tricky to maneuver, especially regarding its tiniest inhabitants — bugs. However, don’t let these little critters scare you away from an unforgettable vacation. You can get a bug-repellent lotion to keep the bugs away from you and your family. If you forgot anything, you might easily pick up some travel-sized goods to make them easier to carry or stock up at the next grocery store. Remember to bring a first aid kit to prepare for accidents that might occur while traveling.


The benefits of the electric bicycle are innumerable, ranging from promoting a healthy lifestyle to using sustainable transportation to discovering new regions and people. Give yourself time to plan and be ready for your ebike camping trip. A lot of your preparation for bicycle camping will come from having the individual skills of cycling and camping. For the best bike camping experience, consider purchasing one of the KBO ebikes. Before you leave with your family, ensure everyone knows the trip’s itinerary. This information would give them a sense of involvement in the trip preparation. With the tips above, be sure you will have an unforgettable, fun camping and biking experience.



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