It is a very long lasting coating form known as fake or artificial grass and used as an alternative to natural grass, produced from materials that do not harm the environment and nature. Fake grass rug models are quite abundant. There are multiple types of fake grass according to their areas of use. For example, fake grass rug to be used indoors and fake grass rug to be used outdoors are very different from each other. In other words, fake grass rug for the garden and fake grass rug for balcony are different from each other. 

In short, people who are looking for fake grass for the garden and fake grass for the balcony should use different products. Considering this situation, the fake grass type to be used should be selected correctly and the most appropriate landscaping work should be done.

Differences Between Fake Grass and Natural Grass

  • First of all, there is no need to water the fake grass rug, it is only necessary to pour some water in hot weather. However, natural grass requires continuous irrigation. 
  • Fake grass rugs can be made in different colors and patterns. They have very simple and easy installations. However, there is no such possibility in natural grass. It is extremely difficult to install and prepare. 
  • Fake grass is used for decorative and coating purposes in many different sectors. Fake grass rugs are very preferred in the outdoor and indoor spaces of our houses. 
  • Fake grass for balcony is a recently trendy home decoration. However, the area of use of natural grass is very limited. 
  • The cost of maintenance and cleaning of the fake grass rug is quite low. In natural grass, on the other hand, both the maintenance cost is very high and it is very difficult to clean. 
  • Fake grass rugs are used according to your wishes in all seasons, but natural grasses are used at certain times. Fake grass rugs have a very aesthetic appearance and will never fade over time. However, natural grass rugs lose both their aesthetic appearance and their raw colors begin to fade over time. 
  • Fake grass rugs are highly resistant to cold environments and cold weather conditions. However, natural grass is not resistant to cold. 
  • Finally, while the life span of fake grass rugs can be 10 years, the life span of natural grass rugs is quite short. 

That’s why we recommend using fake grass at home and in every area. Fake grass rug for balcony, fake grass for your fences and many more are the most suitable materials for your landscaping work. 

Areas of Use of Fake Grass

The usage areas of fake grass are quite large. It is used for interior wall covering for home decoration and a very pleasant interior appearance is obtained. Fake grass work is being done for the balcony and your balcony is officially redesigned. It is often used to cover floors and walls in gardens. Especially in the gardens, a fake grass fence is made. 

Fake grass rug has also started to be used frequently in roofing in recent years. Fake grass rugs have taken their place as the most preferred decorative product in cafes, hotels, restaurants and many other commercial institutions. The biggest reason why it is frequently used for decorative purposes is that it is a very economical decoration product both aesthetically and cost-effectively. It is both more durable and more affordable than other decoration products. 

In addition, it is a very long-lasting decoration material that does not wear quickly like other decoration products. Fake grass rugs are the most logical decoration product you can use both inside and outside your home. We recommend using fake grass rugs in all areas.


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