Is Doratoon the Best Tool to Make Insta Story Birthday Video?


The simple answer is yes. There are dozens of video makers and editors in the market. Many devices even have built-in video editors to help people implement their Insta story birthday ideas.

However, most of these are limited in features. We have tried several online video makers, and we can confidently recommend the Doratoon software for creating birthday Instagram stories. This post looks at the reasons we recommend Doratoon as the best tool to make an Insta story birthday video.

What is Doratoon?

Doratoon is a leading animation tool for next-gen video editing. The software is an easy-to-use video maker for beginners and advanced users. It has extensive features and highly intuitive editing tools to make creating videos smooth and easy.

You can make customized videos to celebrate your friends’ birthdays with this tool. It has millions of video clips, stock props, stylish footage, and different animation styles. The software also has thousands of animated templates you can easily edit to apply your birthday Instagram story ideas.

Beyond making birthday videos, Doratoon is also effective for creating short films, advert videos, and product marketing.

It is a free software tool for making aesthetically-appealing videos on different topics. You can create tutorials, lecture videos, PowerPoint presentations, cartoons, YouTube video intro, and much more with this tool.

What are the Features of Doratoon?

When choosing a software tool to make birthday ideas for Instagram stories into videos, the first thing to consider is the features available in the tool. Doratoon meets and surpasses users’ expectations of tools. You will find high-quality features to create perfect animated videos. Let us look at some features you will find in the software tool.

  • A Large Collection of Customizable Templates

Think of any theme and you will find the templates on the Doratoon platform. Whatever happy birthday ideas for Instagram stories you have to make into videos, you will find several templates to use.

Doratoon boasts thousands of exquisitely animated templates covering different subjects. You will find templates for birthday video reels, typography birthday story templates, classic templates, and more. 

  •  A Huge Library of Animated Characters

Making fun birthday videos is seamless with the huge collection of animated characters available on Doratoon. Adding animated characters to your Insta video birthday story will make it super-attractive and engaging.

You will find over 8000 facial expressions and actions to use on animated characters. From funny faces to smileys and GIFs, you will find the perfect choice for birthday videos for any age. 

  •  AI Intelligent Drawing

Here is an advanced feature for creating abstract best friend birthday story ideas into videos. The tool gives a feel of pen on paper, and you can create several images with it. When you draw a rough sketch, the AI drawing tool predicts the smooth curves and keyframe positions for your image.

When the AI tool completes its work, you get a clean and precise line drawing you can animate right away. The tool also predicts images you can make and recommends appropriate pencil thickness, colors, and animation effects for you.

  •  Motion Graphics and Advanced Animation Effects

Doratoon features various advanced animation effects and motion graphics you can use for transforming your happy birthday story ideas for Instagram into videos. The tool is highly intuitive offering a simplified process of creating beautiful birthday videos with minimal effort.

  • Auto-Lip Sync

When you use animated characters for your birthday video, you can upload music from your library or choose from the stock music library to add to your video. Using the auto-lip sync tool, you can make your characters look like they are the ones singing the song. The tool makes a perfect sync between the characters and audio for a beautiful finish.

These are a few of the exciting features of Doratoon you can use to make happy birthday Instagram video materials. Other features you may want to explore as you make your birthday Instagram story ideas into videos include:

  • 1000+ animated characters with over 8000 facial expressions and actions.
  • 100M+ stock video clips and pictures
  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 10000+ stock props

How to Use Doratoon to Transform Happy Birthday Story Ideas for Instagram into Videos

It takes simple steps to convert your happy birthday story ideas for Instagram into videos. You can finish creating your birthday videos in minutes using the Doratoon software. Here are the simple steps to create a beautiful Insta birthday story video:

Step 1: Visit the Doratoon official website to create a free account with a valid email address.

Step 2: Navigate to the customizable animated video templates and select your preferred design.

Step 3: Edit the video templates using the intuitive tools on the platform. You can also upload pictures, video clips, music, and background sound to customize your video.

Step 4: Preview your finished video and download it to your computer. You can go ahead to share the video with your friend to celebrate their birthday, you can be sure they will love it.

5 Birthday Instagram Story Ideas for Your Next Insta Birthday Story Video

There are several happy birthday story ideas for Instagram you can implement for your friend’s birthday. Here are a couple of ideas you can use:

  1. Picture collage birthday story videos
  2. Video Serenade with video clips from other friends celebrating your mutual friends.
  3. Film reel birthday story consisting of short video clips and pictures of the celebrant.
  4. Tap for a surprise video with a special surprise inserted in a slide of the video.
  5. Typography birthday story consists of the typography of your birthday wishes on an animated background.


Doratoon is undoubtedly the best tool for transforming best friend birthday story ideas into stunning videos. The tool is feature-rich and easy to use. You do not need skills or experience in videography. It is highly intuitive, guiding you through the process of making a beautiful birthday video that your friend will love. 



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