How to breathe new life into your bedroom with decorative ideas?


King-size beds, pillows, small entrance rugs, lamps, and nightshades- whether you are an aspiring interior designer or just a homeowner looking forward to revamping the overall look, the bedroom can be quite challenging to decorate. There are so many things to choose and there are so many chances of making mistakes that you always need to be precise with your selection and ideas. The bedroom is all about functionality and coziness and therefore, you can’t go on a home decor shopping spree and buy everything that looks enticing on the internet as it will turn your bedroom into a miniature showroom with cheap antique pieces. Your bedroom should be decorated in such a way that you should feel relaxed even with the thought of returning to it after a long working day. But you don’t need to worry about the complexities as we have brought to you a list of methods and items that you can use to spruce up your bedroom. 


Go subtle with colors 

Bedrooms should always offer a shooting and comfortable feeling and the best way to achieve this kind of feel is to play with the right colors. And when we talk about colors, we don’t only mean the walls and the ceilings, we are also talking about the bed, small table beside your bed, pillows, wall lights, lamps, and all other things. Neutral colors like cream and white have the ability to make anything look soothing and therefore, your color theme should revolve around these choices only. But that doesn’t mean that your bedroom should be boring as you can also experiment with bold colors while keeping things simple yet appealing. 

Be precise with furniture selection 

The way you choose furniture for your bedroom can make or break the final look. Once you have decided on the style of the furniture, you should start thinking and planning about the size. Come up with a simple floor plan and then make a list of the items you wish to have in the bedroom. In any bedroom interior design the bed is always the most dominant part of the entire floorplan, and therefore, the bed should be chosen first, and then everything else will follow. Don’t let the bed cover the entire area of the bedroom as then you will have no space for any other decorative items or other small furniture. 

Choose the right color scheme 

The color scheme is one of the things that you should be clear about at an early stage of bedroom design planning. If you are planning on painting the bedroom then it should be the first thing on your to-do list. This is the most basic rule of any bedroom interior design. To begin on the right foot, always think about the mood you want to create in the bedroom and then choose the color scheme accordingly. Furthermore, you should think about the home decor items and furniture that are going to be added to the bedroom as they must blend in with the existing color scheme instead of overcasting it or getting lost behind it. 

Always leave some space

The only way you can give a more relaxing effect to your bedroom is by keeping the ease of movement in mind. You should always stay away from the furniture that will occupy every inch of the bedroom and will stick to every side of the wall. Leaving a little bit of room on every side of the furniture is always a good idea. This becomes more important if you are planning on revamping or designing a small bedroom with limited space. In such a situation, you need to ensure that you have enough room to breathe and walk freely. And if you are having a hard time dealing with space, always consider extra storage space. 

Be selective about the lights 

The type of light you choose for your bedroom can make or break your dream of making a perfect bedroom. In most cases, the bedroom doesn’t need to be as bright as a stadium at night but at the same time, it should offer enough light to keep things vibrant and aesthetics. A good rule of thumb is to have a central light in the middle of the bedroom and then add layers of LED lights for the bedroom. Be specific about the theme you want to create in your bedroom as the lighting fixtures will have to be chosen accordingly. You should set the central light or the LED lights for bedroom in such a way that you have complete control over how bright or dim a section of your bedroom you want to be. You don’t need a chandelier to layer your lighting as even the simplest light sources can do the trick. 

Always distribute the soft touches

Every bedroom has at least one soft item and in most cases, it is the bed and this is usually the focal point of the bedroom as well. If you wish to balance out the visual focal point instead of making it outcast everything else in the bedroom, you can try adding the softness to more than one place in your bedroom. This helps in avoiding the overly hard look at a specific place in the bedroom and everything looks smooth when it comes to design and decoration. Some simple additions that can balance out the soft touch are throw blankets, drapes, area rugs, and much more. But be specific about the size, design, and color of the items you choose for the soft touch as these things should be on an even keel with the softness of your bedroom. A bedroom is the most relaxing part of your house and is responsible for serene sleep. This is why you should always be selective about how you want to design your bedroom and which home decor you should add to the bedroom. A simple guide, the basic sense of decoration, and the right pick can help you build the bedroom of your dreams.


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