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According to Google trend data, the search term destination wedding has received a 600% uplift within the last month alone. Over 350,000 couples in the UK opt to perform their nuptials abroad every year, leading their friends and family to travel overseas to witness the event. A record number of weddings are set to take place in 2022 due to Covid postponements. As a result, wedding guests may be attending several weddings over the year, with the average cost of each totalling £541.90. This figure rises to £1,500 if it’s a destination wedding. Here, Wizz Air has analysed data to determine the most popular destination wedding locations and present advice on how guests can save money attending.

Spain – 5,200% uplift

4.3 million brits chose to holiday in Spain throughout 2021. With such popularity, it’s no surprise that many couples choose the country as their wedding destination. 

Civil ceremonies can legally take place in Spain if one of the couples has been a resident for a minimum of 2 years. However, this doesn’t stop non-Spanish residents travelling to Spain for their nuptials as google trend data reveals an uplift of 5,200% in the search term, how to get married in Spain. Usually, UK couples perform the legalities in the UK, and host their ‘official’ ceremony in Spain. 

How to Save: Pick & Mix Flights

The easiest way to attend a destination wedding in Spain is to adopt some flexibility when booking flights. low-fare flights to Spain are common and if you choose to avoid peaks days (such as the weekend) and peak times (Friday evenings), then you can dramatically reduce the cost of flights, potentially saving hundreds of pounds.

Cyprus – 3,500% uplift 

Nuptials that take pace in Cyprus are incredibly common and not only because of its Mediterranean climate and scenic views. Weddings in Cyprus are legal, regardless of the party’s country of residency. However, couples must adopt the country’s legal protocol. 

How to save: In the Wedding, away from the setting

Flights to Cyprus may cost a little more than the like of Spain however, wedding guests can still budget when attending. Remember, you don’t have to stay in the same accommodation as the wedding party. Whether it’s another hotel, B&B or independent guest house, staying in a hotel near, but not at the venue can save guests a substantial amount of money.

Greece – 5,300% uplift 

Getting married in Greece has received a 5,300% uplift in searches. Such a substantial uplift isn’t surprising as every wedding magazine boasts couples exchanging vows with a backdrop of Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes.  There is generally an 8-day residency needed to get married legally in Greece.

How to save: Wedding X Vaycay

Greece is rich in culture and appeals to those that wish to action a ‘stay & lay’ vacation and travellers that wish to take in the sights. If attending a wedding in Greece, combine it with your annual holiday. This reduces the cost of flights, accommodation, and spending money. 

Tenerife – 300% uplift

A popular holiday destination for Brits, many UK couples choose to get married in Tenerife and stay on for their honeymoon. Generally, the weather in Tenerife is warm 12 months of the year, at least compared to the UK, ensuring that couples can host their wedding out of peak season.

How to save: The average flight to Tenerife is 4 hours. If you are travelling in a group, you can save money on such a short flight by being flexible on seating arrangements or purchasing nonpriority seats, such as those at the front of the plane.

UAE – 3,900% uplift

The UAE is growing on popularity, with influencers and celebrities alike flocking to the destination all year round. The destination is growing in popularity with Brits choosing to host their wedding venue at the destination.

How to save: Internal flights are a great way to combine your summer vacation with a destination wedding. Remember, you don’t have to fly home before you attend!


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