Tips on Buying a Chesterfield Sofa

Tips on Buying a Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Leather Sofas, one of the best and oldest, continues to impress. They are increasingly becoming more popular as days go by. Their quality and style make people hang on to them for that long. Besides the impressive style, these sofas provide top-notch comfort when relaxing in your living room. 

One thing that may confuse most people when purchasing the chesterfield sofa is what to look for. With an increase in competition and expansion of the market, you’re likely to come across a look-alike for the chesterfield sofa. Such low-quality sofas can be a disappointment if you’re not careful. Therefore, we discuss a few tips to consider before buying a chesterfield sofa. 

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Tips to Consider When Buying Chesterfield Sofas

Consider the following tips when buying a chesterfield sofa. 

Prioritise Your Comfort

Chesterfield sofas are all about class and comfort. Therefore, the number one tip is to ensure the sofa you opt for is comfortable to sit on. Chesterfield sofas have been designed more advanced. With a subtly angled back, the sofa allows you to sit comfortably without straining your back. You won’t need to add throw pillows to make yourself comfortable on such sofas. 

Another aspect that brings comfort to chesterfield sofas is the quality of foam used to make these sofas. The foam used to make chesterfield sofas encompasses multi-density foam wrapped in a down feather blend.

We recommend you choose a chesterfield sofa with high base foam over a firm chesterfield sofa for enhanced comfort. 

Consider the Chesterfield Sofa Size

The Chesterfield sofa is substantial. It has a lower back than other sofas but has an extended length. Its rolled arms and back add at least eleven inches, making the sofa long and wide. Therefore, you will have more seating space. For even more space, you can consider the shallower options.

Know What Upholstery You Want 

The fabric, springs, and padding of your sofa are worthy considerations when buying a chesterfield sofa. You can have a traditional chesterfield sofa but with advanced fabrics. The good thing with the new fabrics is that they have a soft touch, just like woven cotton. 

Such fabrics also have stain resistance, making them the perfect choice for many. You’ll have an easy time as you won’t need to clean your sofa often.

Be Open-Minded in Designing Around Your Chesterfield  

Chesterfields are beautiful. However, you can tweak your living room surroundings to make them more appealing. Choose a chesterfield sofa that blends well with your living room interior. It should also complement the aesthetic integrity of your room. 

Consider adding modern elements in the living room to match the chesterfield complexion. Rustic foams should be a good addition. Also, you may consider other furniture, like artisan furniture with strong colours. 

Position your chesterfield sofa in the middle of the house. Unlike other sofas with unappealing backs, chesterfield sofas have beautiful backs that are fine to position in the middle of a room. 

Factor in the Tufts

Chesterfield sofas have deep tufts to make them firm and more appealing. There are narrow tufting configurations and wider tufting considerations. The former has buttons placed 5.5 inches from each other and are a great addition to a traditional setup. 

However, the wider tufting configuration has buttons 8.0 inches apart and is suitable for more contemporary environments.

Consider Contemporary? 

If you are considering a contemporary chesterfield sofa for a modern space, you shouldn’t consider the traditional dark velvet. Instead, go for brighter and bold-coloured velvet. A bright red, orange or light blue velvet will blend well. We recommend light colours to avoid your chesterfield sofa attracting too much attention, which may be distracting in a professional environment.

What About the Traditional Trending Style

Over many years, Chesterfield sofas have been upholstered in dark velvets. Other dominant colours are deep blue, ruby red, mushroom brown, and emerald green. These colours look classy and become even more perfect with the luxurious feel of its velvets.  

Look at the Legs

Chesterfield sofas have different leg styles with varied heights. You’re more likely to get a turned-leg chesterfield sofa. Other options may include fluted-leg sofas or casters. 

You can opt for a chesterfield sofa with legs from four inches tall to six inches. Decide if you want painted legs or wood stain legs.


Despite the chesterfield sofa being high-quality and trendy, it is up to you to inspect it to ensure the best choice. They have different styles, and their detailing can also vary significantly. Begin from the style, moving down to upholstery, comfort, and surroundings. These tips will surely help you decide on the best chesterfield sofa for you. 


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