A Stylish Man’s Guide To Dressing Up For A Cocktail Event


When attending a cocktail event, the last thing you want to happen is to look out of place due to your outfit. Although the occasion may not be strict with the dress code, it’s advisable to wear stylish and appropriate clothing. It’s also an excellent time to show your personal style and have fun dressing up. 

So, here’s a helpful guide to looking fashionable during a cocktail event.  

Pick A Color  

If you’re unsure what to wear during a cocktail party, it may be helpful to start planning your outfit by picking a color. For instance, black, navy, or dark grey garments are options you can consider when attending an event. These shades are easy to style, and they can complement you well. Additionally, looking for stylish cocktail pieces in these colors may be more manageable. For instance, you can check out the items described here to create your own look.  

However, if you prefer a unique outfit, you can wear light colors like beige or white or classic shades of blue or green. Wearing these colors can showcase your unique personality and fashion taste. Once you have a preferred color in mind, picking which pieces to wear for a cocktail event would be easier.  

Find Your Size  

You shouldn’t forget two key pieces of your cocktail outfit: a suit and vest. In some cases, it may be better to wear both for a more formal look. However, you can also opt to wear either one depending on the event’s theme or the weather.  

Regardless, wearing a suit jacket and vest can elevate your appearance during a cocktail event. So, it’s essential you know how to pick the best ones. If you wish to look good in your party look, investing in a well-fitting set may be a great idea.  

Some garments in your size may not fit your body perfectly and look too loose or too tight. For instance, if you have a broad back and muscular arms, you may need to modify a suit to fit your proportions. Your outer pieces mustn’t look awkward on you as they may ruin your outfit. For example, the sleeves shouldn’t be too long and tight. The length of the suit and vest should also look proportional to your torso. 

So, it’s helpful to try the outfits in person to find your size. You can check out shops for men to find a set you like. Alternatively, you can get a custom-made suit tailored to fit your body perfectly.  

Wear A Well-Fitted Dress Shirt  

A cocktail attire won’t be complete without a staple dress shirt. It’s a must-have item if you wish to wear semi-formal attire for a party. Although it’s a simple piece, it can make or break your look. For one, if it’s ill-fitting, it may look awkward under your coat or vest. Additionally, it may make your upper body look disproportional. Hence, you must wear a good-quality dress shirt when attending a cocktail event.  

If you prefer a simpler outfit, you can wear a standard shirt that suits your body type. It must be the right length so you can tuck it in your pants but not too long that it would look bulky underneath your clothes. Additionally, the sleeves should be the right length and fit on your arms to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.  

Before wearing your dress shirt, ensure it doesn’t have a stain or crease. You never know if you must take off your coat during an event. So, it’s best to wear a fashionable and formal shirt underneath.  

Add A Bow Or Tie  

If you wish to bring your outfit to the next level, you can wear a bow or a tie to a cocktail event. It’s a small detail that can significantly enhance your look and make you appear sophisticated.  

When choosing which piece to wear, it’s ideal to consider your other clothing pieces. For instance, if you want to use a tie, matching it with your coat would create a harmonious outfit. But if you’re wearing a more formal suit, you can opt for a bow tie.  

Overall, adding small details to your clothes can elevate your appearance. Also, it would help to look your best when attending a cocktail party.  

Don’t Forget Your Shoes 

A cocktail outfit won’t be complete without a suitable pair of shoes. If you want to look stylish, it’s ideal to wear dress shoes of any dark color, preferably black.  

They should match your coat and trousers to showcase your personal style. Also, you must wear a clean and polished pair since unappealing footwear may ruin your look. 

Final Thoughts  

Although finding suitable garments to wear for a cocktail event may seem tricky, you can pull off a stylish outfit if you know which pieces to use. For instance, wearing a dark suit and pairing it with a dressy light shirt will surely make you stand out during a cocktail party. 


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