What Are The Different Types Of Sofas?

What Are The Different Types Of Sofas?

Sofas are commonly referred to as couches and are typically used for sitting. Some types of sofas have additional functions and can even convert into beds. If you are interested in a sofa that has multiple purposes, there are several types that you can choose from. If you want to invest in high-quality sofas, check if the company has a great customer service team in place like those at Joybird customer service


If you’re searching for a minimalist design, you’ll want to look into couches with one or no arms. These sofas appear like chairs but are comfortable enough for a long nap. They’re also great for small spaces and can be combined into a larger sofa design. A couch is often confused with a sofa, a large upholstered piece of furniture that can be converted into a bed. These pieces of furniture are typically smaller than a sofa and are also great for sleeping pets. They can hold two or three people, and some can even accommodate pets.

Sectional Sofas

Unlike most sofas with curved backs, sectional sofas usually have straight backs. This gives them the appearance of being pushed together. This allows for more comfortable seating. Some even have built-in features such as USB ports, massagers, and light-up cup holders. They’re a great choice for relaxing at home.

There are two main types of sectional sofas. The first style is the high-back type. This style offers ample back support and is typically used in traditional and vintage-styled homes. The second style has a low-back design and is more modern and sleek. The lower-back style has loose cushions, which don’t attach to the back of the sectional sofa. Loose back cushions provide the least back support but can still provide a great amount of comfort. It would help to conduct research first and check resources like Joybird reviews before purchasing one.

Bridgewater Sofas

Bridgewater sofas have low arms and a low back, giving them a casual and laid-back look. They typically have thickly padded cushions and a skirt and can seat three people comfortably. They can be made from various materials, including oak, rattan, and cotton.

These sofas can be purchased at furniture stores. However, make sure to check them out before buying. Older ones may have protruding springs that can be very uncomfortable. You can also choose a sofa that has a removable slipcover for easy washing. This allows you to remove stains and pet dander.

Cabriole Sofas

Cabriole sofas are classic styles with high arms and curves in the back. They typically have wood legs and trim. Some versions have curved arms, while others have flat, tufted backs. The style is a classic choice that adds glamour to your living room.

This style’s name comes from the arms’ shape, which form rests for the user. Unfortunately, it’s also an overstuffed couch because the cushions are typically overstuffed with over two layers of muslin. As a result, a traditional couch may look upscale but not as comfortable as a contemporary one.

Cushion-back Sofas

Cushion-back sofas have thick cushions in the back. They are typically five to seven inches thick. The average seat depth is 23 inches, so a six-inch thick cushion back would be comfortable. Cushion backs are also usually 19 to 20 inches high. The back cushions can be loose or attached.

Cushion-back sofas come with the firm or medium-firm cushions, and the firmer the cushions are, the better. The better quality back cushions are made from Dacron/polyester fiber wrapped in fabric casings. These casings stack two or three layers of foam and fiber, each containing a separate row of fiber fill. This prevents the material from settling or compressing.


A settee is a long, slim upholstered seat that can seat two people. It resembles a bench but with a back and armrests. Settees are usually made of leather or fabric and are available in various styles. Settees are more elegant than loveseats and are typically sold as a part of a larger living room set.


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