5 Most Innovative brands you need to know about


Unless you are willing to do things differently, you cannot be an innovator or an entrepreneur. An innovator changes the natural law of how things work to make a difference. Their ideas are simple, but the way they execute these ideas makes them an innovator. Innovations like the first airplane that the Wright brothers created to the iPhones that Apple sells now. All are unconventional solutions to everyday problems. Innovation in your ideas generates a business that can be successful and sustainable. In 2022, the audience is not only demanding innovation but sustainability. If your idea tick marks both these options, it’s a recipe for success. If you are looking for inspiration, here are the top innovative brands you should know about. Some are leaders in their field, while others are breaking all stereotypes. Thus, emerging as a successful brand due to their innovative ideas. Let’s learn a bit about them.

Beyond Meat

The one thing that we all know is happening at an alarming level is climatic change. There are various causes for the same, and one is meat consumption. No one is asking you to give up on burgers or hot dogs. However, you cannot deny that meat production and distribution causes environmental issues. Thankfully, one innovative brand, Beyond Meat, is doing something about it. The company creates delicious plant-based meat that is better for the environment. Also, it’s safer for humans and animals. And do not worry about the taste; you will never be able to differentiate between real meat and the one produced by beyond meat. Just like them, you can use an innovative spin on your industry. And come up with a way to become eco-friendly, sustainable, and successful.

Zero Co

How many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap do we go through in a year? The answer is around 4 per person. That is a lot of plastic bottles which will end up at the bottom of the ocean. As we all know that plastic takes decades to recycle, and some types are not recyclable. It’s a huge problem for everyone as plastic harms all living beings and the environment. That’s why switching to Zero Co is best. This company makes all-natural cleansing products Australia. The products are organic, and they ask you to deliver the empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or everything back to them. They use it to refill their products and deliver them to their customers. This innovation of theirs safe you from accumulating and throwing plastic while using natural ingredients for your hair and skin.

Stitch Fix

So many people are unsure about their styles. They find it challenging to buy clothes or style themselves. Thus, an innovator came up with Stitch Fix. It’s an online personal styling service. It combines human intuition with algorithms and curation of stylists (over 3000) to provide a personal stylist to everyone who wants to look their best. If you register with them, you will get boxes or ‘Fixes.’ It will have clothes, accessories, and shoes according to your style and clothing preferences. But without the long hours of finding something which goes well together. It’s quite an innovation because customers never even see your inventory but get the best-fitted clothes. And the customers are happy too because they just missed spending long hours combing through tons of products.


Amazon-owned Twitch is the best platform for all video-game lovers. It’s an interactive live-streaming service focusing on video game play. It also has E-sport content to offer. Not limiting itself to video games, it is also attracting users with its TV show marathons by playing the best TV shows from the current to a bygone era. It is also famous due to its vision of live TV. Thus, go with Twitch if you are looking for a fun way to play games.


Before Canva, even designing a simple background was challenging for people with no design background. However, things you can do with Canva are unmatchable. With this platform, you can design anything within minutes. The app even guides you and offers tons of free features. For all individuals looking to start a business, remember that innovation and sustainability are the keys necessary. If you follow these two things, you will create a brand that will be the talk of the town.


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