Different boots for different outfits: Men


In the world of sneakers, if you’re looking for boots, there’s so much this think-piece has to say to you. So dig in to explore four different boots you can pair with different outfits and get that classy look.

  1. Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are stylish and versatile. It can boost your confidence in minutes. Originally, they were used for riding, but with the huge popularity of the boot, many designers started experimenting with the fabrications and design.

You can wear this on a date, or if you want to get a classic look, pair a black Chelsea boot with your ripped jeans and a casual shirt. Don’t forget to throw in a bomber jacket for that perfect edge! 

You can also wear Chelsea boots with chinos, especially if you wear a bright, patterned shirt and slim-cut chinos. It makes you appear effortless.

If you have an office trip lined up, you can pair this boot type with a quilted jacket. It adds an extra layer of warmth to not only your foot but also your overall look.

  1. Chukka Boot

When talking about boots, the list is never complete without Chukka Boot. Most men prefer them for their sleek and classy look.

While the most famous Chukka Boot is the Suede Chukka boot, there are also leather Chukka boots for you to choose from. You can style suede Chukka boots with blue jeans and a classic white shirt. For layering, use a denim jacket.

If you are going for a romantic dinner with your partner, pair leather Chukka boots with chinos and a crew-neck t-shirt. You can even create a casual business look with these boots – Wear trousers and top it with a white cotton shirt.

During summer, layer it with a blazer. Finally, wear a cashmere sweater in winter to pull off the look.

  1. Ankle boot

This boot reaches the ankle level and is best for any casual or semi-casual look. Like the previous one, ankle boots are also available in two variants. The first one is Leather Ankle boots, and the second one is Suede Ankle boots.

You can put on brown suede ankle boots for weekend trips. Pair it with a black t-shirt and skinny jeans to complete the look. An oversized denim shirt can be a great option if you love layering.

If you are confused about how to create a smart casual look with it, style a black leather ankle boot with a roll-neck sweater or double-breasted coat.

If you want to wear this sophisticated boot in your office, a leather ankle boot will be great with a pair of chinos and a nicely tucked shirt. Finish the style with a hot blazer. One of my friends tried this look with the army green-colored Urban Dean boot from UGG Boots, and guess what? It was a hit.

Buddy, if you have a blue suit, pick a brown-colored ankle boot to pair with it, and I promise, it is bound to make heads turn!

  1. Hiking boots

If you frequently go camping, don’t forget to invest in a hiking boot. Not only are these water resistant and durable, but they also add an aesthetic vibe to your appearance. In addition, you can wear them during the monsoon to protect your feet.

You can wear this boot at a party by styling your brown hiking boots with black jeans and an oversized black tee. Then, throw on a leather jacket for an extremely elegant look.

If you have a colorful shirt, you can create a comfy style by wearing shorts with hiking boots. Wear black hiking boots with skinny jeans and a white shirt for the office look. Add a black blazer for an added edge.

Over to you…

Now that you know about these boots and how to wear them with different outfits, it’s time to head out and buy a few. If you are looking for good-quality boots, be ready to spend big money. Even though boots are expensive, if you pick the right one, it will be worth it – because these shoes last for years, sometimes even a decade. 


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