Why Animated Explainers are Great Marketing Ads


Your business deserves to be recognized and known by many. Introducing the offers, features, and best descriptions for your product and company will be best manifested through an animated explainer video.

Level up your marketing ad promotions and awareness with a creative and witty animated explainer video. Continue reading to know more about it and what benefits it can give your business.

What is an animated explainer?

An animated explainer video can be in a 2D or 3D format specifically used for advertising and promotion for a certain company or product. It states the name of your company or product, presents immediate information, and entices viewers.

Should you invest in this, a team for animated explainer video production can help you. Certainly, an animated explainer video will enable your business to establish more presence and marketing online.

Elements of Making a Good Animated Explainer Video

The usual placement needed for an explainer video is on the website landing page. But apart from the strategic location, more things are needed in making an effective explainer video.

An important rule needed for making a good explainer video is that it needs to convey the right emotions to your viewers. They will not waste time watching it if it does not resonate with your audience.

Here are a few more notes you need to remember in making sure your explainer video will boost sales conversion:

  • The track always the views and performance of your video
  • Know the right words to say for the script to highlight the product
  • Choose which is better between using voiceovers or text and captions 
  • Tone down in using the music and sound effects for a better understanding 

11 Benefits of Choosing Animated Explainers for Marketing Ads

Whether or not your business is a start-up or promoting a new line of business, an explainer video will help advertise it. Interested audiences prefer video messages to understand more about the business or offer.

Here are some benefits you can have when you choose animated explainers for your marketing ads:

1. Most Used Content For Sales and Marketing Promotions

Since starting promotion and marketing, companies and business people have used explainer videos to entice their prospects. Your product or business features and special offers can be highlighted more.

2. Eye Catching and An Attention Grabber

Due to its colorful and vibrant format, your animated explainer video is an attention grabber. The witty captions, taglines with catchy tunes, and background music make a better experience for your clients.

3. Easily Shared

Attaching an animated explainer video to your website’s landing page will make it easier for your possible clients to share and repost it on social media. This way, your business can become viral.

When your video becomes viral, it will help make your business establish awareness and penetrate the market for clients.

4. Increases Website Activity and Traffic

With the help of strategically placing your video on your site, audiences can be redirected there and help increase your activity and traffic. This way, your business can rank higher in search engines.

5. Provides Endless Storytelling Possibilities

With animated explainer videos, creating a different angle to entice customers is possible. Video effects and images that can better represent your product and business can be done however you need it.

6. Superb Compatibility

Whether your audience uses mobile or desktop, your animated explainer video can still capture their interest. This is due to their compatibility and versatility. You can also post it on any social media platform you desire.

7. Allows Your Audience to Understand Easier

Most videos have a comprehensive and strategic script highlighting the features, benefits, and introduction of your company and product. It will not overload your audiences with information as they watch.

8. Cost-Effective

Your business can increase engagement, awareness, and reposts without sponsoring it from the business’s funds. Going animated will save more for the business than hiring multiple crews and actors.

9. Increases Conversion Rates

Once your audience is hooked, they will be no turning back. Your business and products will be included in their list of options when they require business solutions or operation needs.

Your sales and marketing team can capitalize on this now and try to do the best they can to convert them into a client or partner officially. 

10. Can Be Measured Easily

When all these are through, your video can be used to gauge the direction you need to take to close the sale your business needs. From the views, likes and reposts garnered, you will know better how audiences accept your offer.

11. Brings Extra Points For Professionalism

Clients and business partners appreciate a crisp and clean introductory and explainer video for the products or business being shown to them. Using an animated explainer video, your company can display high standards and good impressions every time. 

How You’ll Know If the Animated Explainer Is Effective for Your Business

Once you have launched to the public your explainer video or used it in a client pitch, you have to know if it is effective and worth the investment. You can continue allocating the budget for this specific promotional tactic. 

Here is what you will notice if the animated explainer video does your business good:

  • You have more inquiries for products
  • You have a better ranking on search engines
  • Sales will have more leads for potential prospects
  • Your business knows what the audience wants now
  • A good presence online and in marketing is available for your business 


It may seem complicated and costly initially, but animated explainer videos benefit your business and company in the long run. Venturing in this direction for your marketing ads will help big-time sales and marketing.

You must ensure that the message you put in your animated videos is concise, clear, and catchy to capture your audience’s attention. In choosing to do this, your business will have a strong foundation for being well-known.


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