The four most common pits of mattress marketing


The opening paragraph is clear, teaching people to fish is better than teaching people to fish, in order to prevent people from stepping on the pit, I first from the mattress marketing the most common four pits. In order to make the analysis in the article more specific, more in-depth, I will try to our family mattress (Simmons, Pineapple Zebra, Grantec and Sutra) physical pictures with the network science pictures for demonstration, here does not constitute any purchase advice, but also please study and discuss rationally.


The mattress stepped on a thousand potholes, material gimmicks account for half. Before, I have shared with you a view – mattress is essentially an industrial product rather than crafts, in addition to a few such as Hasten insist on hand-made and horse hair cashmere added to the full luxury, most mattresses are honestly nothing too high-end technical content. In essence, the comfort of the mattress is dependent on the top of the woven surface to the bottom of the spring layer of filling material stacked out, different hardness of different supportive material combinations ultimately bring a unique sense of sleep.

Some people may say, according to this, high-end brands such as Shunda Kinko’s and low-end brand no difference? Not quite, after all, the big brands in the industry for many years, the combination of what is more comfortable has a wealth of accumulation; at the same time as the brand strong bargaining power of high players, but also to get a higher quality supply of materials, in comfort is a plus. 

However, if it is exactly the same filling layer (materials used, thickness, etc.), the difference between big brands and small brands is basically not too high. So please keep in mind before you buy a mattress, mattress technology is not high, manufacturers earn the big head is the combination of materials and design fees, the small head is the premium caused by opaque information, for over-packaging and no brand value manufacturers, cannot be spoiled.

Simply use their own mattress to show you a rough, interest-related, this is a DIY custom mattress purchased at the beginning of the year, from the Sisaku. Because this brand focuses on DIY, fully transparent and removable, especially suitable as a teaching material to show you. A comfortable mattress, from top to bottom must be divided into several layers – the fabric layer, filling layer, support layer, respectively, corresponding to different materials.

The fabric layer, also called the quilting layer, and the main force of human skin, but also the mattress fit comfort is the main source. Generally speaking, the mature mattress brand will be through the fabric with light filling, so that you feel close and comfortable. Because the skin is close, the core goal of the quilted layer is high comfort and safety, the direction of development in the past few years is also based on anti-bacteria and anti-bacterial, while enhancing the experience of lying through high count fabrics.

Some foreigners like to sleep naked directly on the fabric layer, but we Chinese are still more introverted, generally will have sheets, bedspreads, sleep up the opportunity to face the material directly is relatively small. How to show the quality of the quilting layer? Generally will use some advanced fabric suppliers of finished products, such as the famous Bekaert, Europe’s advanced veteran fabric fabric manufacturers, there are different price points to emphasize the comfort of finished products with anti-bacterial ability, many of the current high-end mattresses will be directly adopted, the current home of this grantecs is used Bekaert, fine sense and cleanliness are good.

Good fabric layer value mainly in which? In addition to safety and comfort, it is indeed more convenient to take care of. Or to their actual experience as an example, this mattress is made of Italian waffle fabric layer, removable and machine washable, softer to the touch, and really very relieved. Before the baby because too small in the best mattress for stomach sleepers urine also pulled, look miserable but after a wash, now half a year or as white as new.

Filling layer, is also the material problem of the disaster area, a variety of cool inventions are mainly concentrated in this layer. What cloud sense of cotton, what super-soft elastic cotton, it does not look like something earthly, but in the end, it will find that it is a flexible sponge. Here directly invoke the core content of my previous 10,000 words mattress, and you say, the market is the most common in the end which filling materials.

Strictly speaking, part of the memory foam, latex, 3D material is relatively high cost, most of the other materials, heart and soul to say, really not worth the money, so do not because the manufacturers packaged a few good name, willing to pay.

Soft cotton: including pro-latex cotton, memory foam, gel memory foam, flexible sponge, essentially different hardness of the sponge, such as pro-latex cotton is the softest, a press on the sink, and memory foam with some rebound, whether it is a big brand or affordable mattress, sponge is the most real and most commonly used soft filling layer

Latex system:

There is no doubt that the mattress high-cost filling layer, love latex will say soft Q-play natural comfort, do not love latex will spit not breathable and China special. In fact, Europe and the United States big brand mattress overseas market latex with less, and latex cost is also expensive, but good latex does have good support and rebound. Latex common Dunlop and Traore, the latter more expensive unit price, the reason is that the foam process threshold is higher, and the same level of Traore Q elasticity and breathability are better

Hard cotton:

Wave sponge, support sponge, hard sponge, mainly the density of the sponge to do more, so compared to the front of the soft sponge is simply hardness, but also retains the breathability of the sponge itself, especially suitable as a cost-effective base layer filler

Special materials:

Common including mini bubble spring and 3D material, the former is actually a smaller package spring, there is a certain rebound support characteristics, playing the spring stacked spring sleep; the latter jokingly referred to as the dragon mouth fan, in fact, is a high-temperature process polyester material shaped, high density, good support, and very breathable can also be washed, the disadvantage is also expensive

Brown linen class:

The favorite of the elderly, jute and brown, high hardness and not too much rebound, good support, hard bed lovers gospel

Finally, the bottom support layer, compared to the filling layer of a hundred flowers, the support layer looks very simple, on a player – spring. However, when it comes to buying and selling, you may be confused again, Bonnier, wonderful and buckle, independent pocket spring, how these a spring, there are more than a dozen different sayings?

From a functional point of view, the role of the spring is to support the filling layer, the mattress sleep to provide the most complete support strength, when you lie on your back, side sleep in different positions, different parts of the force is not the same. Therefore, spring manufacturers have also come out of two technical routes, independent pocket spring independent packaging of a spring, according to the posture of a spring by a spring to adapt to the pressure; the whole spring spring in series, load-bearing while transferring the force. I made two diagrams to show it.

If you buy a big brand mattress will know that the head brand Sealy and Shueda are fans of the whole spring, but also the joint global top spring manufacturers LFK Leyenpai developed their own patented spring beauty posture, wonderful and buckle, through a special spring tandem, so that the sleep feeling better support, more solid, the cost of the people around a move with the sleeper will also be subject to force feedback; Kimcool including Simmons prefer independent pocket springs, because more soft, while pocketed. Because it is softer, at the same time, the spring is also quieter after pocketing, suitable for users who do not pursue strong support and do not disturb the sense of sleep.

Strictly speaking, the above content is only to introduce you to the mattress three layers in the end what the actual material, so that we are not fooled by a variety of wonderful names of businesses dizzy. But in practice, in addition to the material of the mattress itself, but also involves specific parameters. For example, are Traore latex, 1cm of gimmick manufacturers and 3cm of thick material, sleeping sensation and the cost of a world of difference. For example, are independent pocket springs, coil diameter 6.5 and 5.5, support is also the sky and underground. Before buying tens of thousands of Simmons, the use of sponge and independent pocket springs, of course, it directly to you with a 6cm sponge, the feeling of being trapped simply.

So in the real world, we have to keep a calm mind on the one hand, don’t be fooled by the dazzling packaging terminology of various businesses, you say it sounds good again, restore out is not a sponge + thin latex + sponge + independent bag spring configuration? On the other hand, to be objective and factual, the specific brand, process, the amount of materials used, suppliers, layer by layer down to dig, in order to neither liberalism, but also not dogmatism.


The next marketing is the price, but also a lot of friends specifically to my message asking, said xxx brand has a xxx ingredients mattress, only 3xxx, can you buy, why is this price so much lower than offline?

The same reason, many stores mattress sales said the most phrase is that the line is not the same, online is the exclusive model, the quality is not good, so the price is low, offline, although expensive, but the material is the best, so do not go to the line to buy low-quality models for cheap, what is the figure?

Simply put, the mattress online and offline sales are two different models. In traditional stores, rental costs, display costs, sales labor costs, basically e-commerce channels – are not. So offline, better service, more cost, higher premium; online, faster turnaround, greater sales, more direct channel costs, which is essentially a business choice now.

And the smart mattress manufacturers naturally have a way. First, do a good job of online and offline channel category split, online models only for online, cannot let consumers directly compare, find the price gap; Second, offline also channel control, each source only to local sales, to prevent the region because the price is not uniform to produce Shanghai consumers to buy mattresses in Zhejiang small coincidence.

So, in order to avoid the price, I sincerely suggest: the pursuit of cost-effective consumers, offline premium we do not step on the pit, online models try to choose the brand big, there is a batch of factory production. For one thing, they sell a lot of cost control ability, but also and suppliers can talk about the quality of good ingredients; secondly, in case there is something, convenient after-sales service. So, Xilinmen, Xiaomi 8H, NetEase Yanxiang such large sales of national brands, is indeed the pursuit of cost-effective and to ensure a certain quality of the optimal choice.

In addition, want to buy big brands such as Kinko’s, Sealy and other offline models of mattress users, always remember that it is possible to cut the price. Before and a lot of buy offline models of friends / colleagues / big brother to take lessons, cut prices try to aim at 60% discount to depart, community group purchase, the end of the month punch list and other sets can be used on, the core is to give mattress sales a chance to loosen the mouth.


This is also previously mentioned in my mattress shopping guide, in recent years the fire all over the net rolled package mattress, in the end is not an IQ problem. But it is not to say that it is a new version of the ship completely upgraded compared to the spring mattress. I was fortunate enough to participate in the Zhang Da Ma’s crowdsourcing test to get a grantecs coil pack spring mattress, and still use in the guest bedroom.

The biggest advantage of the roll pack mattress is that you can pump pressure technology to a large mattress, pressed into a relatively small volume. Particularly suitable for, for example, no elevator of the old broken small, the future to pursue the removal of the rental party, or the door frame is too small traditional whole mattress cannot enter the small house.

Moreover, the comfort of the roll package is not discounted, strictly speaking, the fabric layer, filling and support springs, can provide, of course, because to roll package so can only do independent pocket springs, but the sleeping feeling is still rich and comfortable. Everything looks good, but there is a flaw must be noted – the edge of the rolled package support is not as good as it should be.

Because itself to roll package, so the mattress around the mattress can not rely on sponge + bone + composite material for multi-dimensional reinforcement, the result is the buttocks sitting on the edge is particularly easy to soft collapse and even slip edge, after all, purely by the sponge around the reinforcement effect is really limited. If you love to sit and chat on the edge of the bed, or sleep less honestly – choose carefully.


There is also a particularly easy to charge the marketing of the place, is the technology. The best 10 inch mattress itself is not high technology, are stacked materials, so many big smart manufacturers began to superimpose technology on it. As for whether these technologies are worth paying for, let’s briefly discuss the discussion.

The first black technology: zoning sleep, it is not recommended to spend this money.

The concept of zoned sleep is actually good, by setting different softness and support materials in different areas, or adjust the spring strength, to give each part of the most ideal support strength, so that you sleep more healthy and comfortable. This looks very beautiful behind the scientific concept, the face of a thousand people with different body shape. Take the following mattress example, the seven divisions are very scientific, but the key is that each user does not necessarily grow into the seven divisions of this model ah, if the girl is a little petite, or a unique sleeping position, all run away, black technology is easy to crack the mystery of the human body.

The second black technology: material science, it is recommended that in-depth analysis.

Then the material head down, in recent years there are many brands to the mattress to add rare black technology materials, claiming to enhance the comfort of the same time can also bring the effect of traditional materials cannot be achieved, here also briefly on several high-frequency material for a quick review, only on behalf of personal opinion.

The first one, horse hair wool, I can only say that the tycoon please feel free. Horse hair and wool fluffiness is there, can provide a certain soft support, itself has a good breathable and moisture wicking effect, can make you sleep and feel dry and comfortable. But all high-end materials that are not built on quality and specifications are rogues. How thick is the wool filling layer? Which specification certified wool is the source of production? In fact, all will affect your experience, but may be the premium is real. 

Therefore, if you are not buying a first-line brand mattress, encountered the concept of wool horse hair, it is recommended to start with caution. Today’s modern material technology is also no shortage of breathable, supportive but cheaper material, there is no need to demanding wool.

The second, special TPE material, does have a technical content. There is also a class of materials, because the traditional sponge, latex has a long enough life, long-term use of repeatedly pulled after the shortcomings of the deformation, so the idea of playing to the TPE this yoga mat with more materials, essentially is not vulcanized rubber, solid and durable and can be maintained relatively well. Commonly used materials such as rolled mattresses will use this type of material, which is considered to have a longer life and support are more secure.

More than one sentence, TPE there is a variant, that is, the recent very hot 3D material, like breathability and support is more recommended. Although it looks very simple, plastic brushed sense of sight, but in fact is based on TPE or polyester material, a layer of spinning and weaving process. My own mattress spring layer on top of a custom 3D support layer, good hardness and breathable, sleeping is indeed more comfortable.


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