Stressed? Here are 5 ways to relax for under $50


Confusion, sadness, and the overwhelming feeling of having no energy – we’ve all been there!

It can be tough to find some time for yourself when there is too much going on around you. You might even feel bad about taking a break. However, it is crucial to make some time to breathe and destress to prevent burnout and winter blues

A break to treat yourself doesn’t always have to be expensive. In this article, we’ll give you five simple ideas to relax, destress, and enjoy your own company.

  1. Take a walk

While just taking a walk to relieve stress might seem like a silly idea, there are several benefits to mindful walking. Go to a nearby park or garden and take a slow, relaxed walk. Pay attention to the grass, trees, flowers, and birds around you. 

Keep your phone in your pocket so you are not distracted by gadgets. You may listen to some soothing classical music if that gives you comfort. Lay down in the grass, watch the blue sky, or bring an adult coloring book to the park.

These self-care rituals help release happy chemicals in the brain – exposure to sunlight and nature releases serotonin while walking releases endorphins. Engaging in creative activities like coloring increases dopamine – the happy chemical! 

  1. Treat yourself to a spa day 

Going to an actual spa might be too expensive, but you can recreate a similar experience at home for less than half the cost. For starters, if you have a tub, get soaking salts and take a bubble bath. 

If you don’t have a tub, light some scented candles and take a warm, relaxing shower with some music. Read a book or sip on some warm tea while in your bathrobe. Put on a refreshing face mask, play your spa day playlist, and take a day to yourself. Your mind and body both are certain to be refreshed! 

  1. Organise, organise, organise!

Living and working in a cluttered space can cause stress and anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed by the clutter, set aside a day to organise and restructure your living space. Cleaning and organising give us a sense of control and ownership of our surroundings, which can reduce stress and feelings of worthlessness. 

Go on a cleaning spree and rearrange your living space – do your laundry, fold clothes, and throw away things that don’t give you joy (the Marie Kondo way!). 

If you want to declutter your workspace, you could also create a creative corner so that you have a space to focus and let your creative juices flow. 

Once you’re done cleaning, get yourself some tea and enjoy your new home!

  1. Try reading therapy 

When you have a lot on your mind, you might not find the time to read for pleasure. Take a day to head to your nearest library or reading centre, and pick up a good book. Since libraries have many quiet reading nooks, you are more likely to be undisturbed. If loud noises stress you out, a library is certain to be a quiet and comforting space. 

Pick a small book that you can finish reading in a day so that you feel accomplished by the end of the day. If you enjoy this activity, you can make this a weekly ritual and pick a bigger book so that you have something interesting to look forward to every week! 

  1. Make good art 

Art is therapeutic and cathartic. Go to a nearby art store to buy some inexpensive supplies like paints and a scrapbook. You could journal or make a scrapbook filled with stickers, magazine cutouts, and journal entries. If you want to feel more grounded, opt for clay modelling or finger painting. Working with your hands needs more focus and energy, which reduces stress and reduces overthinking. 

If you want to do this outdoors, pick a park or garden and find rocks and pebbles nearby. Paint cute messages or artwork on the rocks and gift them to your family and friends. Not only is this a destressing activity, but you’ll have something adorable to gift your loved ones once you’re done!

Closing Thoughts 

Stress and anxiety can be very scary but remember that you are not alone. Taking some time to yourself to recharge can make all the difference in the world. Reach out to professionals if you experience stress often, and indulge in some self-care activities to relax and love yourself. 


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