World’s Top 9 Interior Designers That Will Blow Your Mind


In the design industry, overnight success is very rare. Most of the famous interior designers today, including the ones mentioned in this article, have spent decades working with their clients, building their brands, and developing product lines. Becoming famous requires dedication, hard work, and a lot of help from the media.

Successful interior designers had to face a lot of ups and downs to reach where they are today. However, they are today gracing the covers of famous newspapers and magazines. In this article, we will talk about some of the most famous interior designers in the industry today.

Who Are the Most Famous Interior Designers Today?

While there are many interior designers in the industry today, we could only mention some of them in this article. These famous interior designers include:

1. Philippe Starck

One of the most famous French industrial and interior designers today is Philippe Starck. The creator and architect are known to design almost everything, ranging from apartments and hotels to factories and even utensils.

His designs are so unique that Starck has a cult following. All the hotels that he has designed have defined the modern international cityscape. His first success was the apartment he had designed for French President Francois Mitterrand in 1982. His most famous works include La Boheme stool, Bubble Club Armchair and Sofa, Ghost Chair, etc. You can still see his most revered interior works today in fashion lounges all over France, the Café Costes in Paris, and the Peninsula Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

2. Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is another top interior designer who debuted in 2002 on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Thanks to his skills and talent, he soon landed various famous collaborations, book deals, TV shows, etc.

At 24, his eponymous firm attracted various famous clients, like Ricky Martin. Nate Berkus has teamed with various product lines like Framebridge, Shade Store, Kravet, and Target. He and his husband Jeremiah Brent also started Nate and Jeremiah by Design. The couple also revealed the latest collection for Living Spaces.

3. Albert Hadley

One of the top designers from New York was Albert Hadley. He was a part of the interior design firm called Parish-Hadley, which was a collaboration between him (1920-2012) and Dorothy ‘Sister’ Parish (1910-1994).

The firm was one of the top design organizations in the US for many years. Hadley was particularly known for his creativity in wedding functionality and glamor. He was also lovingly called ‘Dean of American Decorators.’

Some of his most famous clients included Rockefeller, Getty, and Astor. He believed that design is all about reality and discipline, not just fantasy. Hadley was famously known for his modern designs, including art, futuristic, and traditional decor. His sense of balance in his work is still appreciated worldwide.

4. Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler was often known as a multi-talented person who designed everything from pillows and pottery to hotels and residential projects. He is known for breaking all the conventions in designing and setting up new trends. Thanks to his cheeky and bold designs, he became very popular.

The designs made by Adler create a very light and easy-going atmosphere. He is often known to use sharp lines and vivid and bold designs. While he is one of the top interior designers in the industry today, you will be surprised to know that he does not have any official interior design certification.

He has worked with multiple firms like Kravet and H&M Home Store. Apart from modeling private residences and apartments, Adler has also designed the interiors of the Parker Palm Springs and Eau Palm Beach.

5. Axel Vervoordt

Axel Vervoordt is one of Hollywood’s most famous home décor experts, an antique and art dealer, and an interior designer from Belgium. He is famously known for his minimalist and creative designs where modern-day functionality is added. Axel is also considered the master of minimalism and has worked for many celebrities.

Vervoordt uses his minimalist and modern style to create timeless designs. He has worked for more than 50 years in this field. Some celebrities he has worked for include Bill Gates, Sting, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. His work has also been published in various TV shows and publications like HGTV, Elle Décor, the New York Times, etc.

6. Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is one of the most sought-after interior designers in the US, known for moving away from boring and regular patterns. She became the CEO of Kor Group of Builders and quickly rose to popularity more than two decades ago. The company is famous for designing the model room for the Avalon Hotel in California.

When she first joined this field, she was very unsure. Kelly was inspired by the peculiar shape of the building and started designing modern fittings. She later married Brad Korzen.

Kelly Wearstler believes modern designing is very intuitive. She often adds unexpected lines, patterns, and colors in her designs that will make you fall in love again and again. She has also been featured in the famous Architectural Digest as one of the top interior designers in the industry. She often adds a lot of sophistication to her designs.

7. Peter Marino

Known for being one of the best interior designers today, Peter Marino started his own design company in 1978 and has built showrooms for famous brands like Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Bulgari, and Louis Vuitton. Before starting his own company, Marino has also worked with IM Pei/Cossutta and Ponte, Owings and Merill, and Skidmore.

His boutique designs and residential projects often feature exquisite art displays, luxe furnishings, and materials. For instance, one of his most famous works is the Getty Residence Project in West Chelsea.

8. David Hicks

One of the most prominent interior designers in the industry was David Hicks. He started his career by designing cereal boxes for J. Walter Thompson, an advertising agency. Born in Essex, England, David Hicks completed his graduation from the Central College of Art. He once designed his mother’s house in London, which got him featured in a magazine article.

David Hicks was renowned for designing old English homes. He started mixing décor and shapes of the furniture, patterns, and colors. His style was contrasting and very fresh, unlike most designers at that time.

In fact, his fame reached the rooms of Prince Charles. He also designed the yacht and QE2 for the King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. His talents and skills were passed to his daughters, India Hicks and Edwina Brudenell.

9. Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is an LA-based designer known for her eclectic style. She has a very successful business with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram (in 2022). She also started her very own design blog in 2009 called the Jungalow. Since then, she has become one of the best sellers in New York.

Justina also launched her online store and has collaborated with a wide range of brands like Loloi Rugs, Target, Band-Aid, and Anthropologie. She also started designing limited-edition apparel and plans to open a physical store soon.

Final Thoughts

These are some of our top interior designers. While some are not alive anymore, they have left an impressive mark. These designers are the most famous names in the industry today. They have worked hard for years to reach where they wanted.

If you are interested in creators of other types of design, you can find a list here. Additionally, if you think we have missed out on certain names or have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below; we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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