5 signs you need repair done to your roof


The roof is one of the most important things that make your house look gorgeous. Without it, not only will your home look dull, but you will also miss the charm that it should have. Roofs are the most important element of every household and must be taken care of. With proper maintenance, there are fewer chances of your roof getting damaged. 

But, if roofs are not given the right care, the possibilities are there that they will end up damaged. And if proper measures are not taken at the right time, then you might end up with a significant loss. 

Roof damage is a very dangerous problem that can totally affect the construction of your building. But, it is quite unfortunate that some owners dont realize the gravity of the situation and try to work some DIY on it. But repairing roofs is a very sensitive work that needs the attention of professional workers.  

It is your duty to take a look at the damages that have occurred to your roof and then take the necessary steps. If you do not notice the adjustments on time, it might be difficult for you to cope with the damage later. But how are you supposed to understand those signs when you should call in a professional roofer?

If those signs are unknown, you are just in the right place. Here, in this article, we will tell you about the five signs you need to understand that your roof needs to be repaired. Let us get started with them: 

Signs you need to know for repairing your roof. 

Sign # 1: You are facing problems of a leaky roof 

Are you finding water dripping off from your roof? Or is it getting stagnant at a place? Along with all these, water stains can be a huge problem for a damaged roof. If you are facing leakage problems due to any of these problems, you might have to call for professionals. 

If leakage is the problem you are facing, then you will find moisture getting stuck in the attic, which is not a good sign. This is because when the moisture gets stuck in the attic, your roof might expand or contract according to the change in temperature. 

And if such is the situation, you cant wait too long. This can affect the structure of your roof and can cause massive damage by causing cracks. Along with causing cracks, the moisture can promote the growth of mildew. With the accumulation of more water with each passing day, mold development can spread to your entire house. 

Therefore, if you take immediate action, you can save yourself from health hazards, and if not, you know the consequences. 

Sign # 2: High amounts of the bill at the end of the month 

Well, this can come as a surprise how damaged roofs affect your bills. This is because when a roof gets damaged, the chances are there that sunlight can come through, raising the temperature of your surroundings. Therefore, your HVAC system will need to work more to maintain the suitable temperature of your place. 

Thus, it can strain your HVAC system, cause future damage to your system, and even lead to higher bill temperature. You can take this as a warning sign, and go for an inspection of your house, for better safety measures. 

Sign # 3: Shingles that are damages

Often the surrounding climatic changes play a huge role in the roof damage of your house. Heavy storms, hail, and rain can often displace and damage the shingles. This can happen especially in the areas that are prone to hurricanes. 

If you are living in one such area, then you might have to look for curled ends. If you are able to witness any curled ends, then you have understood that it is one of the most prominent signs that you should call for a professional to fix your roof. 

Another thing about shingles that you should know is if you have shingles that are dark in color, it will indicate the presence of moisture which can possibly ruin your roof. On the other hand, if it has spread to a larger area, then you might have to install your roofing again. 

Sign # 4: You will notice granules in the gutter 

While you are inspecting your gutters, you might notice some sand-like granules in your gutter. Well, those are not sand. Those are just pieces of your shingles that are wearing down. Due to climatic changes, sometimes, the shingles can come off as small pieces, and this is a sign that you should opt for roof replacement or installation. 

With age, it is likely for the shingles to break down into pieces. And when it rains, it is likely that they break down into small granules and fill up your gutter. If that is the case, you might need to call for professional roofers. 

Well, the requirements may vary too. This is because when you find the number of granules in the gutter very less, you might not need to repair your roof. Else, on the other hand, if you find the amount of granules is very high, then you might have to call for professional roofers for the total replacement of your roof. 

Sign # 5: Presence of sagged rafters

You should always expect your roof to be straight, firm, and steady. You should never expect your roofs to have cracks or any kind of damage. So, if you find your rafters sagging or bending, then you might have to call for professional roofers immediately. 

The sagging of the rafters can indicate an accumulation of water which can cause the formation of molds, thereby posing a danger to your health. 


If you notice any of the above mentioned signs, then dont just wait and call for the best roofers. If you want to get hold of the best roofers, Atlanta roof repair is the best. Visit them, and you can get hold of the best services. 


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