6 Ways Garage Shelving Can Help You Create More Space


Nowadays, a garage is an important addition to a house because of its multiple uses and purposes. Conventionally, homeowners use it to keep and park their vehicles to ensure their safety against burglary and external weather elements. But today, it’s being used in more ways without restrictions. It can be a place for storage, a workout gym, a playroom for kids, a craft or workstation, and others.

For these reasons and more, keeping your garage spacious at all times is practical. And to achieve that, you need to install garage shelving to reduce clutter and organize all the elements inside your garage. If you’re at a loss on how to tackle this chore, read along with this article.

These valuable tips will give you ideas on how to maximize the use of garage shelving units:

  1. Shelf Up

Being able to enjoy your garage is more possible when you can keep it organized and clutter-free. Fortunately, one abundant expanse you can take advantage of is vertical space. Instead of letting it go to waste, install your garage shelving up until the ceiling, if possible. All garage storage options on ceilings save valuable floor space, allowing vehicles to park and have more room for all your garage plans.

Your vertical garage shelves can store all the trinkets and seasonal items that you and your family don’t need to use for the time being. It could be sports equipment, a seasonal wardrobe vacuumed in packs, etc. The key is to place them securely so they won’t fall off the shelves. Also, it’s wise to invest in a garage ladder to make it more accessible for you to go through your vertical shelves.

Perfect for garages with high ceilings, you need to maximize your overhead storage. Arrange them well to reduce eyesores in the garage.

  1. Versatile Shelving Wall

Your garage walls offer so many possibilities, and it’s time to get creative with it. One idea to create more garage space is to install versatile shelving walls. These open garage storage systems can accommodate all the large and bulky items you have at home. These shelves can basically hold everything, no matter how heavy and oversized they are.

The key to making this step successful is to implement proper placements. Start going through all your garage stuff and keep every similar object together. It’d help to label them so it can be easier to locate them later.

An important tip is to store the lightest objects on top and save the bottom shelves for huge and heavy things. This is golden advice to get everything neatly organized. What’s good about garage shelving is they’re pretty easy to install and can be customized to suit your needs.

  1. Storage Bin Shelves

If you’re a neat freak like many people, you’ve probably invested in many storage containers to store smaller to medium-sized objects that are too distracting to the eyes. Unfortunately, too many storage bins can occupy your garage floor space. Garage shelving can save you from this hurdle.

Make your garage more spacious with garage shelving. They have a wide selection of freestanding and wall-mounted open shelving units available, perfect for you to line up all your storage boxes and solutions. No matter what things you need to store inside the containers, these sturdy shelves will help you organize all of them.

Garage shelves are usually made of sturdy materials that are primarily suitable for industrial and warehouse purposes. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that all your storage bins will be securely in place. No matter how often your kids nudge the shelves when playing and running around, all the bins can stay securely in place.

  1. Workbench With Shelves

Another way to use garage shelving to create more space is to install a workbench and complement it with shelves underneath. Workbenches are necessary if you’re mechanically inclined to fix some car parts and other DIY house chores. It’s even an ideal workstation for doing crafts.

With shelves installed beneath, you can easily stow away any tool and device you need while working on a project. Since the shelves are down below the workbench, it makes it easier for you to access them anytime. Store any extra tools underneath, so you don’t have to travel back and forth in your wide garage.

DIY enthusiasts will benefit from workbenches in the garage and the shelves that come with them. Do you need a screwdriver, a hammer, and some nails? No problem. They can all be found under your workbench.

  1. Garage Shelving On Cabinets

Cabinetry has always been an ideal and preferable way to reduce clutter at home. And it’s one of the most effective ways to maximize your garage storage space. You can create cabinets out of garage shelving.

The shelves you use make it relatively different from other typical cabinets. Instead of mediocre quality wood, garage shelving uses sturdier materials like metal or steel. Choose the one that’s strong enough to hold the items you need to store in garage cabinets.

The purpose of creating cabinets instead of open shelves is you want your garage to appear more aesthetically pleasing. Contrary to what some people think, garage cabinets with shelves don’t take up a lot of space. You just need to find the right garage storage cabinet perfect for your area. It can come in various designs, including tall standing garage storage cabinets and smaller wall-mounted garage storage cabinets to find the most appropriate style and size.

Cabinetry is also great if your kids and pets are constantly hanging out in your garage. These keep away all dangerous and toxic items that could potentially harm them. In addition to protecting your loved ones from potential hazards, they can also conceal ugly and disorganized things from view.

  1. Enclosed Tool Shelving With Lock

Tools are quite an expensive investment. Losing your favorite pliers and other DIY tools could mean losing a few hundred bucks. It’s a wonderful idea to create an enclosed tool shelving with a lock to keep your tools safe at all times.

If you love doing mechanical tasks, you want to ensure that all your babies are well-maintained and won’t be mixed with other things that can damage them. Go for enclosed shelving with locks, so you can easily open them when you finally need to use them.


Fortunately, there are many ways to bring life to your old garage. And if you want to add more uses for it, you can start by investing in garage shelves. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. The right ones should be chosen based on your garage space requirements, layout, family preferences, and needs. With all the ideas above, you can maximize the use of garage shelving to maintain your garage’s expanse.


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