How To Style Splattered Jeans 


Splattered jeans are a popular style of jeans that can look effortlessly cool when paired with the right outfit. If you’ve been looking to try out the style but haven’t ever gotten around to it, there’s no better time to pull off splattered jeans styles than in the summer when bright and bold colours are in.

Whether you’re looking for abstract patterns or just a simple style, splattered jeans can be a summer staple and will last a lifetime if you invest in a good pair. Below, we’ll take a look at a few ways of how to style splattered jeans. 

Where did the paint splatter jeans look come from?

The paint splattered jeans look was big in the 80’s and has slowly begun to come back into fashion recently. Many of the new fall collections feature paint splatter clothing, paired with low key metallics and neutral colours, making it a little easier to pull off than the bold 80’s style. 

The key difference between paint splattered looks of today compared to the 80’s is that the paint splatters are a little more controlled and look more like the effortlessly cool work of an artist, rather than trying to repaint your lounge. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having a go at making your own paint splattered jeans, just be sure not to get too carried away. 

Now, let’s take a look at how to wear paint splattered jeans…

With a chunky knit jumper

This look is best for after the heat waves and when we’re heading into the Autumn season, giving you time to prepare your chunky knit wardrobe. A chunky knit is a timeless classic that won’t take the attention away from your jeans or make you look out there.

Just be sure to go for a low key knit jumper that isn’t too bold of a colour as you want the paint splattered jeans to be the main feature. 

With a black or white t-shirt

Paint splattered jeans will do the work for you when it comes to curb appeal for your outfit. Therefore, you want to pair them with something casual and effortless, while looking sleek and sophisticated at the same time. 

Try a black or white V-neck shirt for a timeless and classic look, paired with your favourite casual shoes like sneakers, Vans or Converse. Just be sure that the shoes are in good condition as worn shoes could make the outfit look tired and old rather than what is trying to be achieved. 

With a button up shirt

This look depends on the type of person you are and if you would feel comfortable pulling it off. If you are heading off to a more formal occasion such as a work lunch, or a business meeting then you could opt for paint splattered jeans and a smart button up shirt if you’re feeling brave.

The paint splattered jeans would need to be well tailored, with a simple and low-key paint splatter for the design. As for the shirt, opt for a slim fit cotton in a neutral colour like white to keep it smart. 

Festival style

While the current Summer weather is not ideal for jeans, the paint splattered jeans style can be perfect for an autumn festival when the air begins to chill a little more. For this, you can opt for a brighter and bolder pair of paint splattered jeans and pair them with a plain jumper and an across the body bag that keeps your hands free for the cider and dance moves. 

As for shoes, opt for some low-key trainers that won’t draw the attention away from your jeans. White trainers would be the perfect option, although we can’t guarantee they will be white when you return from the festival. 

Overall, styling paint splattered jeans is a pretty easy task as it’s usually a casual look that’s very versatile. The key is to remember that your jeans are the focus piece so don’t wear anything too bright or bold with them that will clash, and you’ll be good to go. 



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