How Dating Sites Changed the Way We Think about Casual Dating


Although online dating has become one of the most popular leisure pursuits of the early 21st century, it hasn’t always been without its detractors. Some onlookers have been appalled by the way dating sites seem geared towards ‘no strings’ attached hookups rather than long-term relationships; one-night stands rather than love. But this is precisely the reason why more and more singles are signing up for casual dating. They offer so much flexibility. And who’s to say that any relationship starting on a casual footing might not evolve into something more meaningful? Here’s how these outlets have altered our perception of casual dates.

We Do Better Dating with Online Search

For a long time, casual dating was regarded as something that people undertook while they were ‘looking for the one.’ This meant that there were never any serious intentions. Typical venues where participants in this endeavor might hang out would include nightclubs. Noisy bars. Places where the atmosphere was rowdy and hardly conducive to romance. Nowadays, the advent of digital dating has made it so much easier for singles to find one-night stand girls using just a smartphone or a laptop. Instead of resorting to superficial outlets, they can gravitate to websites or apps. Here the individuals they will encounter will be on the same wavelength. They can also find out a lot about anyone’s background by exchanging messages and developing a rapport. This will allow chemistry to drive their relationship rather than the lottery of bumping into strangers in social settings.

We Got Rid of the Prejudice About One-Night Stands

For a long time, one-night stands have been looked down upon. The inference is that these get-togethers are somehow less worthy than their longer-term counterparts. But who is to say the passion that can be kindled between two consenting adults meeting casually should be any less intense or ‘real’? People gravitate to this form of dating for all sorts of reasons. Gone are the days when there might have been something a little sleazy about people only getting together for sexy encounters rather than looking for marriage partners. You might be keen on a hobby like gaming and are keen to meet someone casually to share in gaming dates. That this might progress to something more permanent merely adds to the excitement and sense of anticipation.

We Feel Pressure-Free

Singles can feel they’re under all sorts of pressure, and this will be cranked up considerably once they find themselves in a long-term relationship. Older family members might start fretting about wedding plans or whether or not you plan on starting a family anytime soon. The participants might worry about what could happen if things don’t run smoothly. Casual dating is so much more hassle-free and can set your mind free. If you aren’t getting on with partner A, then instead of this becoming a major issue, all you would have to do would be to move on to partner B, then C, and so on, until you come across someone you feel a genuine connection with. There are also diverse virtual dating resources at your disposal as you search for appropriate candidates. Add your conscious approach to online dating to the available dating site alternatives, and you may well find yourself in the ideal relationship model you’ve always aspired to be. Again, doing so on a casual basis and setting your boundaries on one-night stands ensures you can keep every option open until you decide which path suits you.

We Can Potentially Date Multiple Singles at the Same Time

Loving relationships can become a special, important aspect of your life. So, like anything else, why would you want to rush into anything and risk making the wrong choices? You could always sign up for a matchmaking service, then spend some time cultivating friendships with a shortlist of possible partners, gradually getting to know each one better, and eliminating those you feel less connected to.

We Can Save a Lot of Time for Other Things

Some people get consumed by searching for the right partner. When you resort to taking advantage of casual dating, you can balance this activity with other activities. It’s entirely up to you how much time you spend flirting in the online dimension compared to your offline socializing.

Casual dating can be equated with that familiar saying, ‘the world is my oyster.’ When you aren’t tied down to anything long-term, you can be so much more spontaneous when planning weekend breaks. Whether you are secretly hankering after a romantic Mediterranean trip or an Arctic cruise, you’ll have so much more freedom to make arrangements. 

Also, among those who prefer to search for one-night-stands on dating sites, there are many people who are focused on studies and careers. You can definitely devote more time to your professional interests and push family life into the background at this stage of life. And in order not to abandon your dating plans for good, choose a casual dating strategy as something that can satisfy you at the moment.

Someone who has been in a serious relationship before and is recovering from it can also appreciate the ease of one-night stands. So, you won’t get out of the dating game, but you will feel fewer obligations to others and more to yourself or your children.

All you have to do is revert to your favorite casual hookup outlet and reach out to someone more on your wavelength!


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