Marcus Anthony Eriz

Marcus Anthony Eriz


If you want to understand the true meaning of devastation, the modern world is filled with several incidents that will make you rethink your take on society. Marcus Anthony Eriz is not the name of a person. It is the name of the thought that is always backing the people who want to harm others.

Especially in recent times, with the increase in the population count, the number of aggressive events has also increased. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you should always be on alert. Now you might be wondering that although such events take place in society, it is not possible that they happen often.

The current rate of progression tells us that this thought is completely wrong. Since we cannot predict any such event, taking precautions is the only way to deal with the issue. We have summarized some most crucial details regarding Marcus Anthony Eriz in this article.

Why the name Marcus Anthony Eriz is making noise

Marcus Anthony Eriz is the person involved in the death of a 6-year-old child. Thus, the brutality and the aggressiveness witnessed in the event help us deduce that the event should be given prime importance and that certain maniacs are running on our streets that need to be dealt with the iron hand. What could a person even want from a child of 6 years only? It surely tells us how senseless are the morals of society.

The firing incident

To make sure that you understand the sense of the event, we must move through the crime scene stage by stage. Joanna Cloonan was the mother of a young child who was taking her son to the kindergarten when suddenly they were fired upon. At the time of the incident, the mother was in the driving seat, and the child named Aiden Leos was sitting behind in the booster seat.

The only one hurt is Aiden

There was another vehicle on the street where the culprits were waiting for their chance. They started firing on the car. When the firing was halted, the child Aiden informed his mother that his tummy was hurting, and he was in quite awful pain. This was shocking for the mother, and a look at him told him that the impact of a bullet wounded him.

The history

Why someone would go to such extents is simply unimaginable, but to establish a base, we must scrutinize all the events that took place in the past to make sure that the puzzle pieces are put together. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the CHP informed that before the shooting event, the mother, Joanna Cloonan, had been involved in a road rage incident.

A prize money

Getting details regarding the culprits is not an easy job. Therefore, to help the authorities deal with the matter, prize money of $50,000 was allocated for the person who will bring forward the details that might prove fruitful in leading to the conviction. But the award price is increasing gradually, and currently, it is at the mark of half a million dollars.

The words of the DA

Not just the family the authorities are also very sad about the event. The district attorney Todd Spitzer of Orange County has depicted the event as a road rage incident. He also expressed that the event has left the entire community in devastation. The words are true. He also said that “6-year-old Aiden should have been in kindergarten today, but instead, his family is getting ready for his funeral tomorrow”.

The details shared by authorities

Marcus Anthony Eriz is 24 years old. The details help us understand that he is romantically involved with Lee Wynne, who is 23 years old. The authorities arrested them after following them at a restaurant. Also, they are of the motif that they know where the car and the gun belonging to the couple are currently present.

The jail records and social profile

The professional life of the culprit, Marcus Anthony Eriz, is auto dealing. Similar details are mentioned in the jail records. Also, let’s talk about the social media profile of the child killer. We will learn that he has called himself “Auto body Technician…Welder/fabricator, car enthusiast Goal Orientated Stay True”.

The past criminal history

For a person who is involved in such a vicious crime, he must have a criminal history in the past. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the child killer has some traffic violations under his name. This is not the only detail in his record. The failure to have insurance and the absence of a driver’s license are also on the list. Also, unauthorized driving in the HOC lane can be added to the bucket.

The family of the late

If we talk about the current situation of the family, then we will come to know that they are devastated by the event since they have lost a part of their life. Therefore they do have the right to mourn. People worldwide are trying to help and reach out to them to extend their respect and love.

The firearms

If we take a look at the social media posts and feeds of Marcus Anthony Eriz, then we will come to know that he does have firearms. Now you might be wondering how we come to know this information. So let us tell you a post regarding the Quarantine days. Marcus Anthony Eriz shared a photo in which guns are lying on his blanket, and he tends to clean them. Also, there is a video where you can see him using the weapon. There is also another weapon that shows him firing at the shooting range.

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Marcus Anthony Eriz has been identified and caught by the authorities for being the culprit of the road rage incident that took the life of the 6-year-old kindergarten child. We hope the family passes through these tough times and the culprits are dealt with according to the law.


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