Edward Cagney Mathews

Edward Cagney Mathews


The modern world is considered exemplary in all sorts of manners. If we compare it with the past, we will know that the people are more civilized than ever. But Edward Cagney Mathews and similar other individuals have tarnished that image.

Only because of a few individuals we can say that the whole society has to suffer from the consequences. Especially if we talk about phenomena like racism, we will come to know that the world powers have put in great efforts to make sure that they successfully reduce these to a minimum at the end of the day.

Every now and then, we encounter some individual events that turn around your efforts. Therefore to eradicate this disease of racism from our society, we must go through the events one by one scrutinizing the details. Only then will we be able to get the perfect results. In this article, you will get to know all the details regarding the famous Edward Cagney Mathews.

The racist Edward Cagney Mathews

The western world is not as civilized as it is thought to be because, in the past, we have witnessed how the rights of black people were tarnished. A similar ideology is still practiced in all the places in the world, and black people have to live like second citizens.

Who is Edward

Edward Cagney Mathews is a man from Mount Laurel who was charged with racial confrontations. If you go through the details, you will know that it was not a one-time event. He has been abusive towards the black community in the past too.

The complaints and arrest

First of all, if we talk about the details of the event, then we will come to know that there was a complaint filed against him by his neighbor on 2nd July. The complainant or the victim shared with the authorities that Edward Cagney Mathews was using a BB gun to destroy the vehicles that belonged to her and her daughter. On the same day the complaint was filed, a Mount Laurel police officer was requested to remove a person from a specified area at the complex.

The viral video and the events that followed on

The event went international when the video of Edward Cagney Mathews went viral in which he was using racial slang against the black man who was blocking his way that led to the door of the Condominium Association’s President. The responding officer tried to calm down the situation by trying to send Matthew home. But it was just a temporary relief. That night, he was charged with both counts and was caught by the police authorities.

The protest

After the capture of the racist whose video went viral, he was presented in front of the Municipal Court Judge. After the initial arrest, the judge ordered his release. But the matter was not closed very soon. The community also responded to the event, and as a result, it was witnessed that the protestors from the whole community started gathering outside his home.

The response of the public

Since his address was stated in the viral video, people started gathering in bulk, and almost 100 protestors gathered to register themselves as anti-racists. The protest continued for quite some time, ending when Edward Cagney Mathews was arrested for the additional charges. But the arrest was also not a simple one. The public shared their agony and anger by throwing water bottles at the racist man.

Was it a mistake or not

Now you might be wondering if there might be something wrong with the facts, which might have been a mistake. But your thoughts will be completely changed once you know that the police investigators found a slingshot and ball bearings in the house of the racist. It seemed to match the neighbor’s description during her complaint that it was used to destroy her vehicle and her daughter’s vehicle.

The retrieved mushrooms

The slingshot and the ball bearings were not the only things confiscated from the house. The details help you understand that there were special mushrooms lying around in the house that are said to have a hallucinogenic effect. Also, the packaging material was present. Thus, we can say that they were certainly there for trade purposes.

The vicious attitude in past

Do you know how low a man can go? If not, then let us tell you that during the investigation, the handwriting experts from the FBI analyzed that Edward Cagney Mathews left a note on the neighbor’s vehicle that was first smeared with feces.

The arrest and the alcohol excuse

The arrest surely opened the eyes of a person, and similar is what happened in the case of the famous Edward Cagney Mathews. Thus, if we go through the details, we will know that after his arrest was conducted, his attitude changed completely. He tried to convey the message that since he was drinking too much, it had a toll on him, and all the words he said were under the influence of alcohol.

Is an apology enough

He was witnessed to be willing for an apology from the black people whose feelings were hurt. But a question worth asking is whether an apology be enough for the terror that he has been spreading for the last three years among the black neighbors.

The questions regarding the arrest

Several facts still need understanding and are questioned by the public. If we look, we will come to know that the protestors kept registering their protest outside the house of the white supremacist and racist. Also, there are several questions regarding the arrest of the racist Edward Cagney Mathews.

The attitude of authorities

Since when he was being taken away after the arrest by police tells us that it was not looking like an arrest of a person who was a criminal. It looked more like a police escort to offer protection. This also made the police department a target.

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The racist Edward Cagney Mathews has shown the true face of the community and how civilized it is. Thus we can say that it is of the utmost importance that proper education is conducted to limit such events and to make society aware of the consequences of racism.


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