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Kelly Rizzo age and everything pertinent about her career is here! Kelly Rizzo is a well-known hostess and actress who is quite popular on Instagram.

How is she so popular, and what about her shows that keep them trending? Everything you want to know and more is here! Kelly Rizzo age is a question that many ask.

When you look at the pictures of the actress or watch her shows, her age might confuse you. That is why people ask about Kelly Rizzo age.

As of 2022, Kelly Rizzo age is 43 years. She is a famous blogger who is very active on Instagram. She also hosts a couple of shows, including a cooking show.

Rizzo would usually bring in celebrities and interview them while also cooking. Kelly Rizzo is charismatic, so people love to tune in to her shows.

On IMDB, Kelly Rizzo is credited as a producer, actress, and hostess. She is more famous for her part in FabLife (2015) and Extra (1994). Mostly, Kelly Rizzo age is the most searched thing about her profile online.

Kelly Rizzo Wikipedia

Kelly Rizzo Wikipedia page doesn’t exist as yet. There is no official Wikipedia page on Kelly Rizzo or Kelly Rizzo age. There are other sources online which provide the vital bio of the actress.

After coming across Kelly Rizzo, people want to look up Kelly Rizzo Wikipedia, but it is currently unavailable. Like a Wikipedia article, the closest thing you can find is on Wikibio.

This might surprise you, but Kelly Rizzo is known for her food and travel blogs. She has also experienced fame due to her connection to the American stand-up comedian Bob Saget.

Kelly Rizzo was Bob Saget’s wife until 2022. Unfortunately, Bob Saget passed away in 2022. It is true that she hosts her shows and is a producer of them.

bob saget

She is also famous in social media circles for the travel blog content that she makes. It showcases different places that she visits.

It also shows the luxurious stay at some well-known hotels and resorts. The blogs also contain bits of daily life and her interactions with her friends and loved ones.

People also love her food blogs. You can try and look up Kelly Rizzo Wikipedia, but it won’t show up.

Kelly Rizzo Age

Kelly Rizzo age is a popular search question online. Most people know Kelly Rizzo from her Instagram account. At the same time, others know her as the wife of Bob Saget.

But regardless, people are interested to know about Kelly Rizzo age. She was born on May 19, in the year 1979. Currently, Kelly Rizzo age is 43 years old.

However, some might argue that Kelly Rizzo looks younger than her age. She has a background in Italian journalism. According to some sources, Kelly Rizzo’s parents are successful real estate agents.

Her two sisters are well-established in their lives. One is a business entrepreneur, while the other is a writer. You can find a lot of information and pictures of her family and social life online.

She loves to share those things with her followers. This encourages a stronger tie with her fanbase, and they would check more things out when she posts.

It is a mutually beneficial thing. Many people, especially celebrities, would use their online presence to promote items.

Some stars promote brands, and others promote specific products or services. Kelly Rizzo might also use these tactics to promote business online. Now, you know a little bit about Kelly Rizzo age.

kelly rizzo age

How Old is Kelly Rizzo

How old is Kelly Rizzo? She is 43 years old. She was the wife of prominent American stand-up comedian Bob Saget.

They met in 2015 through a mutual friend.

Shortly after that, they started dating. Then in 2018, they married. The couple was happily married for four years before the magic tragically ended with her husband’s death.

This made headlines, and people started to look up Kelly Rizzo. She was very open and vulnerable online about her husband’s death.

She posted a lengthy message dedicated to her late husband on Instagram, which won many hearts. Bob Sage died of complications in the brain after receiving a trauma while staying in a hotel.

He was 65 years old when he died. Many people know about Kelly Rizzo through the beautiful message she dedicated to her husband.

After that, people started looking her up and checking what she had done in her career. Arguably, her career wasn’t super illustrative.

But she does with what she has and is quite popular in her way. Online following isn’t the only measure of someone’s success. Kelly Rizzo is continuing to blog about her experiences on Instagram.

Kelly Rizzo Net Worth

According to some sources, Kelly Rizzo net worth is surprising. She is a millionaire. People estimate her net worth to be around $1 million.

Most people know her as the Eat, Travel, Rock series hostess. She is also famous for her food blogging. She has also fabled in journalism in the past.

Officially, people consider Kelly Rizzo to be a social media influencer. She has a large fan following on Instagram. She has over 130k followers, and that is steadily growing.

Her videography is highly aesthetic and positive. She showcases the subtle beauty of the environment, and her editing is excellent.

That is why many people flock to her videos and her Instagram. In 2017, Michigan Avenue Magazine named her the ‘Travel Queen.’

Her overall salary from all the things she does is $100,000. These are rough estimates and do not in any way reflect the actual money she makes.

Kelly Rizzo net worth is calculated at around $1 million as of 2022. She was also featured in a series online called Rocking Right Now. Kelly is the founder and host of Dream Town.

She has had some experience in the real estate business. She might have some properties or assets elsewhere.

But Kelly Rizzo has not opened up about such information.

kelly rizzo age

Kelly Rizzo Kids

Kelly Rizzo kids are the children she has with her husband, Bob Saget. She is a mother to three stepdaughters.

They are all from the previous marriage that Bob had.

Kelly Rizzo has an amicable relationship with her stepdaughters, as far as anyone knows. There isn’t a lot of information about their interpersonal relationship.

Kelly Rizzo also has an interest in luxurious items and clothes. She owns a lot of branded clothing and accessories. This is evident from following her Instagram account.

Kelly Rizzo is also a Vice-President of a family-owned real estate business. The name of the establishment is Rizzo Realty Group.

Kelly has been featured on popular lifestyle and news channels such as VH1 and ABC. She has also appeared on regional radio shows and Fox news.

Kelly works with some of the best brands out there in the market. She owns her talk show, Eat, Travel, Rock.

She has featured brands such as Guinness, United Airlines, Chevrolet, Deep Eddy Vodka, Switzerland Tourism, Lettuce Entertain You, Hotwire, Harley Davidson, Peninsula Hotels, Rolling Stone, Dragonfly Coffee Roasters, Rolling Stone, and Visit Florida.

Kelly Rizzo doesn’t have her kids with Bob Saget. She is a popular figure on Instagram and in the food and travel blogging community.

bob saget kelly rizzo

Kelly Rizzo Wiki

Kelly Rizzo wiki is not available. For some reason, you cannot find Kelly Rizzo on Wikipedia. But some other sources and websites are available.

Whatever information you are looking for, you can find it on these websites. They provide you with the biodata of the celebrity you are looking for.

Here, you can find out about the career and education of Kelly Rizzo. What she does and what she is involved in. There isn’t a lot that is of info available about her personal or professional life.

No doubt, she is a prominent figure in the travel blog industry. You will find many pictures showcasing her blogs and the places she has been to.

According to some sources, Kelly Rizzo has been fond of traveling and food since a young age. Since she also has a background in journalism, she wanted to do something with it.

She had worked in her family business but then quit after five years. Then she concentrated on traveling and blogging about her trips.

She slowly gained prominence and is now quite popular. Her travel blogs inspire many others who look up to her as a celebrity figure.

Kelly travel blog

A Travelling blog is something where people film their trip to a destination. This type of blog generally focuses on the individual’s personality and charm.

It shows how a person plans and budgets for the trip and films the journey. There are many montages of various locations and popular tourist spots.

They chronicle their travels and also showcase the fantastic views that they encounter. It is also an archival document showing different cultures, people, and lifestyles.

These travel blogs inspire many people. Nowadays, there is a market for travel blogs. These are usually showcased on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

YouTube is also a popular site where people upload their travel blogs. This type of video brings in a vast crowd, and the audience is enthusiastic about watching and following the influencer.

The bloggers also give destination reviews and offer insights into how to go about planning a trip.

There are places you can stay, things you can see, how much it costs, and how to get to different places.

All of this information and more are provided in the travel blogs. Kelly Rizzo does this type of video on her account.

Food Blog

Food blogs, like travel blogs, are a fascinating genre of blogging. People who engage in food blogging usually film themselves eating different types of food from various locations.

They could travel to other places nationally or internationally. Then they film the cuisines and popular meals from that area to show their audience.

There is a large audience for this type of content. Food blogging is, therefore, a successful niche in the industry.

Many big influencers are in the food blogging community.

Food blogging also promotes the culture and traditions of the bloggers’ places. People are exposed to different ingredients and savory meals that they could try themselves.

For those people who can’t physically travel to these places, they can watch it online. The food bloggers offer food reviews, share interesting titbits about their food, and provide a traveling experience.

That is why most people engaged in travel blogs also do food blogs. You can also add other facets, such as reading and reviewing books or films.

This is a popular form of blogging and is quite successful. Kelly Rizzo is in this industry, and she does food and travel blogs. Her blog is quite famous.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have all the information you need to know about Kelly Rizzo. She is relatively new to popularity, but she has success in other fields. Her social media presence is commendable.

She has over 150k followers, which are rising steadily. Her career is going uphill. She has had many experiences working in different fields.

You can see the development of her style and vision on Instagram. If you like traveling and blogging, then you can check her out.

She is well-regarded in the community, and many people are her fans. She is not just the wife of Bob Saget, but she is her person.

Her success is mainly geared toward the food and traveling industry. What does she plan to do next? It is not known currently. She hasn’t come out with any big announcements.

After her husband’s death earlier this year, she has taken some time to recover. But she will probably continue to blog and showcase her travel online.

Follow her Instagram account if you want to check it out. Kelly Rizzo age is 43 years, and she is a successful entrepreneur. She still has many things to do in her career.


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