4 Reasons you should Consider San Antonio BioTE Services


The body of a human being produces about over 50 different hormones. Each hormone in your body plays a crucial role in improving your health and wellness. When the hormones within your body are impacted, you may begin experiencing unwelcome side effects like sexual health problems to weight gain and loss. That’s why it’s crucial to visit a San Antonio BioTE facility for hormone replacement therapy to restore your body’s hormonal balance. Here are the benefits you will enjoy when you go for BioTE therapy services:

  1. More Energy

When both men and women develop lower reproductive hormones, that is, testosterone in men and estrogen in women, they begin to experience fatigue and lack the energy to perform most of the activities they used to enjoy daily.

The reduced hormone levels are normal for individuals as they age. However, sudden and abrupt drops of testosterone and estrogen hormones can affect you when you’re young. When your energy level drops significantly, you will be frustrated. A visit to a BioTE facility can help restore your lost hormones to get your health back to normal and reduce the effect of aging.

  1. Improve Sexual Health

Most patients who go for BioTE hormone therapies complain of hormonal imbalance affecting their sexual health. On the one hand, most men with low testosterone levels have sexual dysfunction and lower libido. On the other hand, women with low estrogen experience dryness and thinning of their virginal tissues, which causes painful and unpleasant sexual experiences.

A visit for a BioTE hormone replacement therapy can be helpful to get your sexual health restored from the inside out.

  1. Getting Physical

When you experience hormone imbalance, it can lead to notable physical changes. For instance, women experiencing hormonal imbalance can have thinning tissues, hair issues, or acne. Additionally, women who experience natural hormone changes during menopause or perimenopause may develop weight gain.

Men with hormone imbalance can lead to hair loss and mass muscle reduction, which can impact their physical appearance. Further, men with hormone imbalance tend to gain weight around the middle. A visit to a BioTE can help regulate your hormones and reduce the side effects impacting your health.

  1. Physical and Mental Wellness

It is not easy to comprehend how much the hormones in your body can affect your overall health and wellness until you develop a condition that leads to hormone imbalance. When you develop a hormone imbalance, it can wreak havoc inside your body and impact your bones and blood sugar regulation. Varying hormone levels in the body can affect your physical health.

Your mental health can also be impacted when you develop hormone imbalance, directly or indirectly. The hormones in your body play a more significant role in determining your moods. You will quickly become anxious, moody, and irritable when you lack crucial hormones.

With BioTE services, your hormones can be balanced to ensure you experience better mental and physical health.

Overall, when you experience a hormone imbalance, it would help if you could speak to your doctor and explain your body‘s symptoms. For more help regarding BioTE therapy services, visit or call LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A. or schedule an appointment online to get the best resources for your needs.


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