These 8 Celebrities With Dental Implants Will Amaze You


Celebrities are the face of any brand they represent. Many people look up to them as some sort of demigod. It is evident that a lot of them want to attain perfection so they can meet up and even exceed the expectations of their fans. 

Some people have had to undergo surgery to change their bodies to feel more confident, which changed the game for them. It made them become who they needed to be and give their best. 

A smile speaks volumes. These ten celebrities understood the importance of a beautiful smile and decided to ensure that it had to be the best if they were going to give it. So they opted for dental implants click here. 

Types of Dental Implants

  1. Teeth whitening: This is quite regular in our current world. People want to have an impeccable smile and irresistible sparkle wherever they talk. It is a no-brainer. 

The “pearly whites” or “celebrity smile” is a term that describes a smile that is irresistible and glowing with confidence. Everyone wished to have a smile that would cause heads to turn and the world to come to a standstill. 

This need to make the smile better and brighter led to teeth whitening, which became common practice. Hydrogen peroxide and infrared light were used to whiten the teeth back in the day. 

This was later replaced with carbamide peroxide in the late 80s. It soon became a house practice since the materials were readily available. 

  1. Dental bonding: This practice is also dated back in history to the 50s. The white fillings were used to perform the procedure. However, it was temporary, but it still worked. It was later in the 80s that a permanent fix was developed.  

A vast population widely accepted this. It is said that veneers were the most used kind of dental makeup in the 80s after its discovery. 

Now beauty is not hard to attain. Thanks to the progress of technology, it has become easier to repair your teeth and get the smile you admire by simply walking into a dental clinic.

Many of us know someone who has had missing teeth or currently has missing teeth. The good thing is the gaps can be filled and the chapped or bad teeth replaced with dental implants.

You shouldn’t feel insecure about getting a dental implant if you need it. These top celebrities sought after the best for themselves and their oral health. So should you. 

Here are the celebrities that got dental implants:

  1. Chris Rock
  2. Morgan Freeman
  3. Tom Cruise
  4. 50cent
  5. Mike Tyson
  6. George Clooney
  7. Christian Ronaldo
  8. Miley Cyrus
  9. Zac Efron
  10. Ed Helms

1.Chris Rock

Chris Rock is a comedian and actor. The flawless smile you see on his face today hasn’t always been like that. A fine man with a beautiful smile and demeanor now, when he was younger, he had some work done on his teeth, including dental implants, whitening, and veneers. 

He got his dentition polished, and now he wears a beautiful smile. Chris appears quite content with the look he has now. The confidence is evident in his smiles. It is such a beauty whenever he smiles. 

2.Morgan Freeman

An embodiment of talent and mastery, Morgan Freeman, is a revered actor, amongst other things. He had his dentition revamped and whitened. He revealed this in an interview where he was asked about his beauty routine. 

Morgan’s teeth had begun to yellow and fade, so he had them whitened as aligned to perfection. Now his smiles are drop-dead gorgeous. 

3.Tom Cruise

Quite evident that the veteran actor Tom Cruise had to get a dental implant for his failing teeth. The leading actor of “Risky Business,” “Mission Impossible,” “Top Gun,” and a bunch of blockbuster movies began his career with discolored, crooked teeth. 

To become a mega star capable of drawing audiences from Phoenix, AZ, to Baltimore, MD;  Tom Cruise rang up a number of cosmetic dentistry costs. This included whitening and straightening his teeth. 

That wasn’t enough. The Scientology devotee has reportedly upgraded to a mouthful of veneers since then, and now it appears he loves to smile more than anyone else in the room.

4.50 cent

The renowned musician Curtis James Jackson III, commonly known by his stage name, 50 Cent, is quite a huge hip-hop artist. He is known for his excellent rapping skills and has a huge fandom. 

Many of his fans were shocked when he revealed that he had some dental surgery to fill some gaps and a few missing teeth. It is believed that he made this decision after a fellow rapper mocked his gap tooth.

5.Mike Tyson

Does it come off as a surprise that Mike Tyson would have a dental implant? Well, he does. His teeth had taken the blow, and thank goodness he stepped in to intervene with a dental implant. And now he has such a happy smile on.  

6.Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus grew up having misaligned teeth. Although she was still confident, she later realized that she wanted a smile that would make more impact. So she went for it. 

She had invisible braces on for a while that was fixed from behind her teeth. So it would be impossible to know she had braces on. Then she aligned her teeth and even had one of her canines replaced for perfection. 

7.Zac Efron

Zac had a great dentition even back when he featured in the high school musical, the movie. The Disney heartthrob then decided to zap his teeth closer. Now he has perfectly arranged teeth. It can never go wrong. 

8.Nicholas Cage

Nicholas’ bad dentition favored him and the roles he landed when he started as an actor. He got eccentric parts that fit his look. But eventually, he wanted to grow and take on more challenging roles, which led to his dental transformation. 

He is now a charming actor, winning people over with smiles and talent. 


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