In what case you need the title to the car


If you’re interested in a legal dispute over a car title in New Mexico or anywhere else, this article from JunkCarsUs is for you.

When does car ownership arise

The right of ownership of a vehicle arises at the time of the transaction for its purchase or at another time specified in the transaction. Registration of a vehicle is not a registration of ownership.

What happens if you register someone else’s car

By registering someone else’s car, you take all responsibility on yourself, including taxes, Fines, and other obligations.

Documents and car ownership

When buying any car, the final stage will be the registration of ownership of the car. You will learn about how to register a used car and what you need to know when picking up a used car from this article.

What are the car registration certificates

The owner of the car is the person listed on the certificate of registration of the vehicle. Now in official circulation, there are several variants of the certificate of registration of vehicles:

  • A new-type certificate, which are issued starting in April 2021
  • Certificates that were issued from 2014 to 2021, of which there are the bulk
  • Older certificates, which were issued before 2014 and are fairly rare

Transfer of Title

After technically inspecting the car and its legal purity, make sure that you are buying the car from the owner or his legal representative. Otherwise, the transaction will be illegal and invalid. Let’s take a closer look at the variations of car ownership transfer from the seller to the buyer:

Buying from the owner

The best option for buying a car is when you are sold by the owner, who is listed on the registration certificate. In this case, the seller and the buyer go to the MIA Service Center or the sales organization (if not the seller’s first sale in a calendar year) and reissue the vehicle.

Before visiting the Service Center, pay attention to making sure the seller’s registration address matches the passport and registration certificate, so you don’t have to change the certificate due to a change in the owner’s registration place.

Buying from the owner’s representative by notarial order

This method is popular with auto sales specialists or resellers. They are not the owner, but only authorized persons to whom the owner has assigned the sale and re-registration of the car. In this case, the power of attorney must be from the owner on the certificate of registration to the person who directly sells you the car. Contact the Service Center or the sales organization for the reissue.

Who is liable for a vehicle

The subject is held civilly liable if, as the owner of the vehicle, he or she has caused damage to the property of the injured person as a result of a violation of the traffic rules. It is not excluded that not only the person who was driving at the time of the accident but also the owner of the vehicle, is liable for the damage.


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