Which Material is best For Building a Garden Room?


Picking Out a Material for Your Garden Room

Garden rooms are one of the most popular home additions of 2022. These spacious add ones are fantastic for enriching both your home and your senses. Best of all, they’re energy efficient and do minimal damage to your utilities bill. 

When envisioning your new space, it makes sense that you’d want to build it using the same materials as your home. But as we found out, that can be a major no-go. 

So what material is best for building your garden room? Or, more importantly, which material is worst? We talked to expert garden room builders and got the answers-and you won’t believe what we found out. 

Why Choose Steel?

When it comes to building a garden room, steel reigns supreme. Why choose steel? It’s simple. Steel is:

  • anti-corrosive
  • customizable with a variety of finishes
  • the most durable
  • weather resistant
  • won’t mold, buckle, or splinter

Garden rooms have a significant amount of moisture and heat. This is an important factor to take into consideration before building. These cycles of rapid heating and cooling pose a unique stress to the materials. Not only that, but it can create the ideal environment for mold to form. Even if you extend your central heat and air system to your garden room, an abundance of plants can cause the same issues. The way garden room builders circumvent this issue is by using steel in their builds.

What Materials Should You Avoid?

Steel frame garden rooms are superior to other kinds of rooms because they can withstand the heat and moisture. This is in comparison to other materials, such as wood. Even higher end varieties of wood like cedar that are pest-resistant and weather treated can buckle under these conditions. In particular, wood garden rooms will see a higher need for maintenance over their lifespan. A steel frame garden room is an easier and more cost effective alternative. 

Try THIS Instead

Most people who ask about wood garden rooms have homes that are already wood-based. It makes sense that from the exterior, you’d want your garden room to blend in with your home. That’s where hybrid rooms come into play. Your builder can work with you to create a steel frame garden room and lay a veneer over the exterior to match your existing siding or paint color. The steel frame ensures maximum durability, especially in rooms that have a large number of windows or a door leading outside. 

A Garden Oasis at Home

With more people spending time at home, garden rooms are in high demand. One more unique feature to using steel as your main building materials is that it comes in a variety of colors and finishes. A bronze finish adds dramatic curb appeal to your home, whereas an onyx finish can complement neutral color schemes. Whatever you decide on, you’re bound to enjoy your garden room for years to come.


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