What Is Cellar Tanking


Cellars are often left damp and beyond usage making homeowners wonder how to use them. For using your cellar to the fullest, you must ensure that it’s kept dry. Tanking systems offer an impermeable waterproofing layer to the walls as well as the floor so that the cellars are absolutely dry. And when it comes to keeping your basement waterproof, tanking a cellar can be the best option. 

What is cellar tanking? 

Cellar tanking is a treatment process used for basements so that dampness can be ruled out. It is achieved through the application of liquid waterproof lining on the walls. As a result, it doesn’t let moisture to seep through. Tanking a cellar is one of the oldest ways of waterproofing and it is effective even to this day owing to the watertight veneer it creates. 

Cellar Tanking: Is it worth it? 

The most important benefit of cellar tanking is that it prevents moisture to seep through the walls, unlike the other damp proofing features. In other forms of watertight layers, some percentage of moisture enters the walls although it is cleared through evaporation. In case the evaporation fails, the excess moisture gets stuck there. Other advantages of cellar tanking include:

  • Prevents health risks associated with damp
  • Reduces the risk of structural damage from moisture accumulation
  • May boost the value of your property
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of the basement

Why should you consider tanking a cellar?

Cellar tanking is an incredibly watertight and insulating solution against dampness. If you can resonate with any of the following conditions, then you should consider tanking a cellar. 

  1. Mould growth: If your basement is affected by damp, then it’s highly likely that it is plagued by loud growth as well. 
  2. Flood: In many cases, water accumulation and flood afflict the basement to such an extent that it damages all that you store there. 
  3. Converting the cellar: If you are looking to convert the cellar from being a storage to a highly equipped room, then you have to tank your cellar. In that case, you must consider tanking a cellar cost also. 

What is the average cost of tanking a cellar? 

The cost of cellar tanking may vary from one project to another, but it is a lot more affordable and easy than you may think. It’s better to seek professional aid rather than doing it yourself. Though you may have to shell out some extra pounds to hire a professional, it is much more cost-effective in the long run. 

When you decide to have an expert to tank your cellar, it’s suggested that you get multiple quotes, assess the experience of the professional and go through the reviews of their clients. With this, you can land the best service for cellar tanking. 


Having the basement converted into cellar tanking immediately increases the living space of your property. Cellar tanking allows you to inflate the valuation and aesthetics of your home while ruling out all kinds of health hazards and damp conditions. 


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