Signs Your Water Heater Needs to be Repaired or Replaced


     “Is my water heater supposed to make a knocking noise?” “Is it normal that there are a lot of puddles all over my water heater?” “Our water from our sinks is clear but when I turn on the hot shower a lot of orange and smelly water comes out. What’s wrong with it?” These are some of the questions asked to the customers of the professional emergency plumbers in Bexley, NSW on an almost daily basis. The short answer for these questions is simple and that it’s maybe time for you to repair or replace your water heater. But now you’re thinking to yourself “Is it really time to go get another one?’ Well, if you aren’t still sure that its time here are a few more signs that might say otherwise.

Your Water Heater is Old

         It’s no surprise that everything in this world of ours gets older and older and your water heater is no exemption. A common sign for you to finally get a new water heart is its age. For years and years, it might have served you quite gallantly by giving you hot water everyday but since on average a normal water heater’s lifespan is around eight to twelve years, and that’s it being properly maintained throughout the years, maybe it’s time to retire the old unit and get yourself something newer.

Your Water Heater is Leaky

         Another sign you might want to look out for is to see if your water heater has been dripping or there have been puddles forming at its base. This is a clear sign that there are leaks in your unit caused by the little fractures that are formed when the metals in the water heater expands every time you go through a heating cycle. These cracks, as small as they might be, can lead to some more dangerous situations later down the line if not properly fixed or put right.

Your Water Heater has Rocks

         A common problem usually called in by the clients of the skilled plumbers in Baulkham Hills is that of a knocking sound inside the water heater itself. That might be another sign for you to get a new water heater because that knocking sound comes from rocks inside the heater. You might be asking “How did rocks get into my unit?”. Well, those rocks are formed from the sedimentary build-up from the flowing water that passes through it carrying tiny pieces of rocks with it. These rocks are very harmful to your unit because they might hit some of the main mechanisms inside the water heater as they bounce around inside it, damaging the unit from the inside.

The Metals in your Water Heater are Rusty

         An obvious sign, and the most common reason why people need plumbers in Bundeena, is that the water that comes from their water heaters has turned orange and smells metallic. The reason for this is that the metals inside the unit have oxidized and have formed rust which is carried by the heater water into your shower. The rust doesn’t just affect the water itself but it also has an effect on the unit. This rust can be the main reason why your water heater will fail on you and be destroyed from the inside out. So having this issue taken care of should be one of your top priorities.

Your Water Doesn’t Heats Up Properly

         Another sign seen by homeowners that they need to get a new water heater is that their units don’t heat up water as they used to. Well, a simple explanation of that is that your unit is just getting older and is losing its potency. This is normal and is expected to happen to almost every water heater out there, especially those who don’t get annual maintenance. Another reason for this is that sediments have formed an obstruction and are hindering some of its function or that the pipes have disconnected from the heat source.

Your Heating Bills Goes Up

         You might not have noticed it but the slight increase in your heating bills or your electricity bills might have been caused by your water heater. This happens when your water heater isn’t as energy efficient as it was in the past. If you are an environmentally conscious individual, then maybe it’s time to consider getting yourself a new more energy efficient unit in-order to not just decrease your carbon footprint but also help lessen your electricity or heating bills.

Your Water Heater can’t Deal with Pressure

         Water Heaters have this second drainage valve that’s known as the temperature and pressure relief valve or for short the T&P valve. This valve’s main function inside the unit is to help release pressure every time you use the water heater. Sometimes this valve becomes damaged from the expansion of the metals inside the unit, and this can be extremely dangerous. With the built-up pressure inside the tank and nothing to help release it, this might result in serious damage to your properties and your loved ones. So, if you notice that this valve is damaged, call immediately a professional plumber to help repair it or totally replace it.


         So, when you notice any of the signs above, it could mean that it is time to finally go and get yourself a new water heater. A new one might help you save money and can be more efficient. But always talk to your professional plumber when you do want to make the change because they would know what’s the best for you.


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