How much is a new roof in Minnesota


Do you know what is one of the main parts of your house? It is the roof. Without a roof, you will not feel protected, nor will you have the sleep of peace. But we often take it for granted. It is a widespread fact that roofs don’t last long.

But what are the factors affecting the condition of your roof, why your roof needs to be changed and what are the types of roofs that would suit your house? Are all certain important factors that you should know?

Moreover, the factors mentioned above are also the deciding factors for the price of getting a new roof. Sometimes, situations can worsen, so immediate steps must be taken to fix your roof. There are several issues that can take place in your house due to a damaged roof, such as water damage or rot.

Collapsing your ceiling is also a significant issue of a damaged rooftop. All such cases will ultimately result in nothing but extensive loss of yours in the near future if not taken immediate action.

If you are from Minnesota, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we shall discuss the cost of getting a new roof in Minnesota. Also, if you are suffering from roof damage and are in search of a roof replacement company, then don’t forget to check out Exterior Plus. Click here to check them out

What is the average cost of roof replacement?

No doubt, there is a lot of investment while you are going to replace your roof. The larger the damage, the larger the budget. It is not an improvised home improvement that you opt to enjoy but rather an investment that you can be secure about in the upcoming years. It is just an assurance that your house will be in good shape.

According to research, a rooftop’s average lifespan is from 30 to 100 years if maintained properly. And also, depending on the material, you get to have the lifespan of your rooftop. It is estimated that in real estate, you ought to get a return of around 60% of the value.

Mostly the replacement cost depends upon per square foot of your house. The average price is estimated to be somewhat around $8000 and can go up to $11000. This depends upon the type of material that you would choose for your roof.

What are the factors that affect the cost of new roofs?

Labor cost: 

When you approach a company, the ultimate price of the roofing is considered to be somewhat 60% for the labour charge, and 40% goes for the cost of the materials that are to be used.

The average labour cost is about $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot. Well, this is the average, but the labour cost might increase considering the following factors:

What is the extent of the damage? 

When the damage is extensive, it makes the job of labour difficult. It becomes dangerous too. In that case, the roofing professional can charge you more than the usual cost. For example, if you have got the presence of rotting wood under your roof, then the price is bound to increase.

Conditions relating to the environment

Even if the professional roofer has brought their protective measures, the pay rate is bound to increase in case of harsh weather situations like cold or storms.

Old materials need to be removed.

If you have an old roof in your house, it can pose a danger for you. You need to replace them instead, reshingle them. Sometimes, it may need more than just one layer of shingles to be removed, which increases the labour cost.


As seen previously, materials nearly stand for about 40% of the roofing cost, meaning they can come to almost $100 to $1000 per square foot. But, this will depend on the type of materials you choose to install in your house. If you stray further from the typical asphalt shingles, you are likely to pay more than the usual price.

Apart from materials and labour cost, there are other specific factors such as the location of the house, the pitch and size of the roof and definitely the type. The price will go up if you live in more of a remote area. The cost of roofing increases if the area of damage is high and if you are choosing more durable, long-lasting materials, be ready to pay high amounts of bills,

This is because when you choose affordable ones, they might not be long-lasting and can cost about $2500 on a 2200 square foot house, and it can go as high as $25000 with a copper rooftop given the exact measurement of the house.

Cost of replacing with new roof vs repairing

There is always a dilemma between repair and replacement. Your damage is not that extensive. Should you get it replaced or repaired? This has always been confusing, so it is essential to contact a trusted roofing company.

It is better to show them the affected areas and let their expertise judge if you need replacement or repair. Just for your information, you should not always go for a replacement. If the damage is minor and you do not feel like changing the materials of your roof, then go for repair. That is the best indeed!

If the repair is minor, you can expect the cost to be an average of $325 to $1377. That too varies from company to company. Premium materials are likely to cost more, and if you are charged according to the hourly rate for the labourers, then the rate will be pretty high for you.

Final Thoughts

So, before you go for a new roof, decide for yourself what you need, new materials for your roof or just a repair. Secondly, choose the right roofers for you so you can have the best possible work done for your house!


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