How much does it cost to remove water damage?



Water Leak. Water leaks down the rooftop floor.

Water damage is one of the most dangerous activities that can take place. And it is something to which action must be immediately taken despite the price calculations. Be it a pipe leak, burst of pipe, or even black water coming from the sewage back up, and water damage can get messy.

Water damage is something that needs to get fixed as soon as possible. This is because it becomes a matter of life risk, and even it can promote the growth of molds, which can further become life-threatening. Thus, to prevent such mess and complex issues, you must step forward and contact a professional to clear out the moisture and fix the problem.

In simple words, fixing water damage can cost about $3,190 on average, but sometimes it can go as low as $450. But if the damage is way too much, you might need to pay a high amount, such as $12,500.

But the variation of cost and everything depends on the extent of the damage and definitely on the source of it. Let us determine the damage restoration cost according to the different ongoing strategies at your home.

What is the cost of water damage per square foot?

From an average of $3.75 and $7 per square foot, the cost of restoration of water damage can vary. The variation of the cost depends on the type of water that has led to the damage, dirty, unhealthy or clean.

The water damage restoration cost seems to go on the lower end, around $4.75 per square foot. Damage from grey water can be $4.50 per square foot, and the damage caused due to black water can even go up to $7 per square foot.

But this categorization of water damage cannot be done by you. It is something that needs the eye of a professional. So, it is only possible for a professional company to determine the cost of the water damage. Only after that can they help you determine a budget or the restoration cost and other necessary clean-up.

What will be the cost to repair water damage all by yourself?

The cost of water damage is determined by the type of damage needed to be fixed. The issue that needs to be fixed is also a determining factor in fixing the cost of water damage. If you have a major, extensive problem, you can be sure to raise the price, but if there are minor issues, you can expect the cost to be low.

When you are having minor issues, that is, the damage caused due to clean water becomes less expensive. Black water and grey water problems are the real problems to deal with. It is better if you don’t try solving them all by yourself. It will be better if you hire a professional and leave the work to them.

You get a time of 24 hours to tackle water damage, but generally, if the problem is big enough, it takes 3-4 days. Even if you can handle all the workload that comes with water damage, it is only possible for a professional to handle all the underlying issues that come with water damage. Let us explain more about it.

When the moisture lingers and stays, it can lead to mould formation and even deterioration of the subfloor. Therefore, it will only be possible for a professional contractor to identify the root cause of the problem and the cause. If you contact the best water damage restoration company, that will be the best.

How much is the cost of water damage according to its type?

Well, as it was previously stated that the cost of water damage could vary from major to minor and from clean water to black water, you certainly need to know the cost breakdown. It is only possible for an incensed professional to categorize or price tag the damage.

But here, in this article, we can only give you speculation of the cost that the different categories may need:

Category 1: Damage due to clean water

Damage due to clean water can arise due to sources like toilet tanks and leaky faucets. If this is not handled as quickly as possible, the water may stay and lead to grey water in due time, and this problem needs to be addressed with immediacy.

The cost of drying clean water can cost $3.75 per square foot, but it also depends on the surface and material used. And remember, if the areas of your home or any belongings of yours are wet, there might be a need for you to even pay for the repair and replacement.

Category 2: Damage due to grey water

Damage due to grey water can be harmful. It may contain harmful elements and can occur due to issues such as washing machines, overflowing dishwashers and even toilet water containing waste particles.

The cost of repair due to grey water can be calculated to

be around $4.50 per square foot. And if any repairment is required, then that is a plus cost on top of that.

Category 3: Damage due to black water

While it is possible for you to handle black water issues such as that of backed-up toilets, professionals are meant to carry out any heavy-scale work that has occurred due to black water.

An average cost due to black water damage is about $7 per square foot. And any damage to your furniture or any kind of replacement or related stuff will cost you some additional fare.

Be it a small or large problem due to black water, and everything should be taken care of with utter seriousness and not just left behind.

Final Verdict

If you are facing any problems due to water damage, then it is time that you should address it. Do not just keep it just like that. Your situation needs to be addressed immediately to stop any further arising problems in the future.


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