9 Adorable Clothing Styles for Babies


Picking out baby clothes can be such an exciting aspect of being a new parent! Somehow, clothes that are a miniature size are just automatically cuter. Making a baby registry or picking out clothes as your child quickly grows and changes can be incredibly fun, but may also feel a tad overwhelming. Baby clothing should take into account your child’s safety and quickly changing size. They should have fabric that won’t irritate their skin and is soft, yet should be durable as they begin to move around on their own. There are so many designs and styles to choose from. Looking for pieces that express personality and your own personal aesthetic is quintessential to the dressing-up process. There are so many different styles out there, but some of them may come across as cheesy, not age-appropriate, or simply outdated. Understanding what the trendy baby clothes are on the market can help you as a parent know what to look for as your stock your baby’s closet. It may feel daunting to know what the fashionable must-have looks are when putting together a registry. Not to worry, we’ve scoured the internet and researched the top sellers, and compiled a comprehensive list so that you don’t have to. Save your mom-brain, and let us do the digging. So, what are the trendiest and most adorable clothing styles for babies this year? Let’s find out.

1.Knotted gowns

Just like what it sounds like, a knotted down is a nightgown that knots at the end. Both adorable and extremely practical, knotted gowns are the first thing that comes up when you look up trendy clothing styles for babies. The gowns give off an adorable boho feel but can be great for sleep or lounging as they work as almost a swaddle of sorts.


Beanies also double in practicality and cuteness as they work to keep your baby’s ears and head warm all while giving them the hipster look so many people are loving. Beanies are extremely trendy for adults right now, and they are even more adorable when shrunk down to be on a baby’s head.


Bloomers are an antique style of curved shorts that serve almost as a sort of diaper cover. This look has been around forever, but they have recently made a resurgence as an adorable style perfect for summer, and adorable with a matching fabric top. Gingham or floral bloomers, in particular, are the trendiest and most undeniably cute.

4.Matching Headbands or Hats

Coordinating outfits will always rank highly when it comes to adorable baby clothes. Finding a cute outfit that has a fun pattern, color, or fabric and then matching it with a knotted headband or hat of the same material is undeniably a crowd favorite. A matching hat or headband is an easy way to take an outfit from a seven to a ten. 

5.Ruffle Top and Shorts Set

Ruffle two-piece sets are sure to come up in any search for trendy or adorable outfits for babies. The benefit of this style is that many of these top and shorts sets are made of lightweight breathable materials such as linen or muslin crinkle fabrics. The added ruffles on the edges are what push these sets into the ultra cute category. A boy’s version of this look could be a matching muscle tank and shorts set!

6.Cotton Dresses

Cotton Dresses are fantastic in that they are lightweight and breathable. Many moms commiserate that they can’t find cute styles for their babies that don’t cause them to sweat miserably. The benefit of cotton dresses is that they are extremely cute while allowing your baby’s legs to breathe and be free. Many moms love flounce tank dresses as well!

7.Crocheted Shoes

Your baby may not be old enough to wear real shoes, but that doesn’t mean they have to have outfits void of shoes. Shoes are often the finishing touch to an outfit. Many moms have resorted to putting their baby in little crocheted shoe footies that are more like socks, but still, add a more elevated look to an outfit.

8.Short Rompers or Jumpsuits

The one-piece set is in! Rompers are great for warm weather, and make any outfit look put together with very minimal effort. Practically they provide the opportunity for free clothing pieces to take off, all while looking undeniably cute. Jumpsuits are just the long pants version of a romper and serve the same practical and adorable purposes. 

9.Sweat Sets

Sweatpants and matching sweatshirts are very trendy and popular with adults right now, but they are even cuter when they’re fun-sized and put on a baby. Perfect for winter and keeping them nice and snug, sweat sets are a stylish look for your baby and can be dressed up or down. Some sweat sets even have tops that have graphic tee logos on them which is another trend in the baby clothing world right now. 


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