How To See Private Instagram

How To See Private Instagram


Instagram users are always wondering how to see private Instagram profiles. Now, if we talk about the privacy factor, then we will come to know that modern times have taken away all the privacy of a person. Pressing a few screen buttons and making some restrictions cannot be termed as privacy.

If we take a look, we will come to know that many people try to keep their profiles private and away from the eyes of the general public. Now there is a certain group of the public, including the parents of young children, doubting life partners, and similar other people who want to access and know how to see private Instagram profiles.

Although it is not admissible, there are still some tips and tricks that will make you achieve your desired goal at the end of the day. In this article, you will find all the desired details.

How to see private Instagram profiles

Before going for private profiles, it is of the utmost importance that the public has knowledge regarding privacy and the ethics of privacy and what are some of the boundaries that should not be crossed at all costs.

If you are trying to view the Instagram profile and the user restricts you from doing so, then you should let the feeling go and respect their privacy. But if you are in dire need of establishing a contact, then in such a case, you can go for the tricks that allow you to access that person’s profile.

Some tips and tricks to see private Instagram

If you want to access the private Instagram profiles, then the below-mentioned tips and tricks are a treasure for you.

1.      Send the follow request

First of all, you should make sure that you have tried all the lawful ways. Thus at the very first instant, send the follow request to the person you are trying to access. Now you have to wait for the owner to share his response. Whether he accepts the request or rejects it depends only on his mood and feelings.

Both sides of a picture

This process is not immediate, and it might take some time for the person to notice the request. Also, the user can ignore the request instead of deleting or canceling it. In such a case, you might feel stranded for weeks or months. But if your follow request gets accepted by a stroke of luck, from that point forward, it is a piece of cake. This way, you will only play by the book and not have to go for the tricks.

2.      Get help from Google

Waiting for a person to accept the friend request might be tiresome; therefore, you must go for Google. Now you might wonder if the profile is private, then how can Google help you out.

How to access content through Google

So just put in the user name in the search bar and press the enter button. Now Google will bring forward the posts and the media of the person in question from the stored library. Thus in this way, you might be able to access a few contents of the person without any headache.

3.      The human intelligence

Human intelligence is always helpful in such cases. Thus if we talk about friends, then we will come to know that they are the biggest helper of a person. Now all you have to do is find a friend who is already following your person of interest. Now you can see that person’s profile through your friend’s account.

4.      Going for the third party

Going for third-party solutions is also an option. Now you might be wondering what these are. So let us tell you that these third-party applications and websites help you view the private Instagram profiles and access the content. If we talk about people using different devices to access the private Instagram accounts need, different softwares, such as the ones using iPhones, should go for

What do

This website will help you in getting access to the private Instagram accounts. iPhone users do have to go through lengthy procedures to use these platforms and make different changes in the settings, whereas on the other hand android users do not have to make any changes.

5.      Lookout for the is also a third-party platform that allows you to access the private profile of an Instagram user. Now you might be wondering about the procedure of the platform so let us tell you that all you need is to locate the Private Instagram Viewer option and get the username of the profile you are looking for and paste it onto

Now all you will have to do is click on View Private profile, and you will get the results. Now confirm the username and start enjoying the desired content.

6.      The third-party

If you do not know about, then it is time that you get acquainted. So let us tell you that once you have opened the website, you now have to search for Instagram++ by using the search bar alongside the All Apps icon.

Once you click on Instagram++, you will be redirected, and now you have to complete some simple commands to commence the process, and once it is done, you will get back to Instagram and now search for the desired profile. Now you will be able to access the desired content.

The difference between iPhone and Android users

The process is similar for iPhone and android users. The only difference is that Android users need the Autorotation turned on, whereas, for iPhone users, it should be turned off.

7.      Get acquainted with UnlockPrivate

The UnlockPrivate application injects into your device and allows you to access the private profiles of the viewers. The procedure needs you to operate Instagram and the UnlockPrivate app simultaneously. All you have to do is search for the profile on Instagram and later put the user name in the application too. Now give it some time and go to Instagram to refresh. Now you will be able to access the private profile you desire.

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If you wonder how to see private Instagram profiles, then using third-party platforms is best. These platforms allow you easy and swift access to the desired content. Whereas the tips and tricks might make you wait for longer time intervals. The details mentioned above will help you choose the best option you seek.


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