Graven School Talisman

Graven School Talisman

Who is Graven School Talisman, and what do you know about it? Elden Ring offers several ways to customize your character’s skills and abilities, whether through the armour you wear or the traits you assign levels to. The Talismans your character wears are an underutilized tool for character customization. These are accessories you can equip that slight offer boosts and stat bonuses depending on the Talisman you choose.

Some Talismans are simpler to obtain than others, such as the Graven School Talisman, which may get found if you know where to seek it without engaging in significant combat. For anyone who has chosen the mage path in Elden Ring, the Graven School Talisman is an excellent acquisition because it increases the potency of sorceries by 4%.

Here is everything you need to know if you want to use the Graven School Talisman to strengthen your sorceries in Elden Ring but aren’t sure how to do it:

Methods for obtaining the Graven-School Talisman

You must access Raya Lucaria Academy, the enormous castle in the heart of Liurnia of the Lakes, to obtain the Graven-School Talisman. Once inside, proceed to the school’s southeast corner, where you will find the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace.

Sprint past the sorcerers as you run west and up the short stairs from the Site of Grace. Once you’ve climbed the left-winding stairs, you should turn right and up another flight of stairs.

Methods for obtaining the Graven-School Talisman

Once you have climbed the stairs and left the area containing the huge Living Jar foe, turn around and ascend the last flight of steps. You will turn left from here and come to a bookcase. The bookshelf will vanish if you attack it or tumble into it, allowing you to access a rocky passageway.

Feel free to open the chest after passing through the passage and steal the Stonesword Key from the body behind the stone table. Then ascend the ladder and proceed to the easternmost rafters wall. You ought to see a hole in the wooden beams from there.

Before jumping down the second hole, pass through the first one and turn south. You should notice a sizable crystal formation with the Graven School Talisman when you land. While in the room, a few tiny Living Jar adversaries will try to attack you, but you can defeat them.

Another thing is that if you opt to sprint past the opponents in the giant Living Jar enemy’s chamber earlier, doing so will make it tough for you to flee because when you open the door, the Instead of opening the door after killing the small Living Jars, it is best to teleport to any Site of Grace.

Graven-School Talisman Exact Location

The Graven-School Talisman is located at Raya Lucaria Academy, as implied by its name. In essence, it’s a magical academy populated by wolves and wizards who aren’t exactly friendly to outsiders.

You might discover that the academy’s gates are locked when you arrive. No one is particularly friendly here. Thankfully, there is a method for entering the academy without enrolling. You must obtain the Academy Glintstone Key behind a sleeping dragon to unlock the lock.

Graven-School Talisman Exact Location

The dragon in question is the Glintstone Dragon Smarag, who enjoys eating wizards on the side. To the north of the Temple Quarter, on Liurnia of the Lakes, is where you can find his nesting. A corpse that appears to be going to become his breakfast is behind him; nevertheless, it also contains the key you need to open the seal. A corpse nearby the locked door also has a map that pinpoints the location of the key itself, which is a hint.

You have two options for dealing with Smarag: either sneak by him, steal the key from the corpse, and flee, or, if you’re feeling frenzied, face the ravenous beast and defeat him. Tarnished, take heed. Because he has consumed glintstone from all the mages he has previously eaten, this dragon is rather strong.

You can now go back to the academy and use the key to break the seal after you’ve killed or avoided Smarag. You can now begin seeking the Graven School Talisman as you have access to the academy town of Raya Lucaria.

The precise procedures you must take to locate it are as follows:

The Main Academy Gate site of grace is located at Raya Lucaria’s south gate.

A huge elevator on the left will transport you directly to Raya Lucaria Academy.

Once you’ve saved them from the Glintstone Dragon, move up the stairs and fend off two ungrateful glintstone sorcerers.

Fend off the remaining swarm inside the academy’s cemetery while taking your time.

Follow the main route from where you entered the graveyard until you find the rope bridge.

Once you cross the rope bridge and ascend the hill, you will come upon a building protected by a dog and a skeleton.

Once you arrive at an elevator, continue walking down the hallway. Get to the top of it and leap onto a ledge of rock, where you will encounter a skeleton.

The Schoolhouse Classroom location of grace is located through an archway.

The Great Hall is directly behind the summoning pool close to the place of grace, and to the right are more hostile wizards and a Living Jar.

Climb the steps, turn to your right, and proceed to the next stairs.

There are two bookcases in front of the boss wall. Attack the left one to reveal a hidden path.

Go up the ladder inside to the next level. There is a gap you can jump through behind a painting that is supported sideways between a stack of books.

Jump through another floor hole to your right to encounter a group of critters in pot shapes. They may be silent, but don’t be deceived—start killing them!

When you’ve eliminated them all, look on a pile of glintstone for the Graven School Talisman.

You’ve successfully obtained the Graven School Talisman, congrats!

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Now you have the Graven School Talisman; you can use it to test the value of your upcoming experiences. In either case, it contains a wealth of historical information, and you can pick up other helpful items on your route to the Talisman. We’ve produced a guide on obtaining this useful accessory because it can be simple to overlook this particular item. It was all about Graven School Talisman and its details!


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