Big Hero Six Aunt

Big Hero Six Aunt

In this article, we will learn the complete details about Big Hero Six Aunt. In the 2014 Disney animated blockbuster Big Hero 6, Aunt Cass plays a supporting role as the aunt of Hiro and Tadashi Hamada. Hiro and Tadashi’s hardworking but unfailingly sympathetic guardian is Cass. Aunt Cass, who owns a well-known bakery and coffee shop in San Francisco, is triumphant and proud of her two brilliant nephews. She is consistently available for support, always up for a laugh, ready with a hug and a delicious home-cooked supper. Let’s know more about Big Hero Six Aunt and all about her character.


Cass is a kind person who is most passionate about her nephews. Although she is very affectionate with them, she also knows when to be strong and harsh, and she can become very upset and stressed because of them. It is demonstrated when Aunt picks them up after they are freed from prison. She hugs and inquires about their well-being before giving them a stern lecture about how much they worried her. It was the actual personality of Big Hero Six Aunt.

Cass frequently appears to be in a cheerful mood and has a lot of energy. She is also sympathetic and tries to help Hiro get over Tadashi’s death melancholy. She wants what is best for Tadashi and Hiro, so she supports and promotes their actions, encouraging Hiro to attend college because that is what Tadashi would have wanted. Cass is not ashamed to express her pride in her nephews.

Physical attributes

Cass is a lovely middle-aged woman with fair skin, green eyes, and short, dirty-brown hair. She typically wears a black V-neck top with extremely short sleeves, rolled-up pants that expose her ankles, a black belt, and umber flats.


Continue reading to learn about the appearance of Big Hero Six Aunt. In the movie, Aunt Cass doesn’t have a very significant role. She is unquestionably Hiro and Tadashi’s mother, though. Aunt initially appears when her niece picks up her nephews from the police station after they had been released on suspicion of an illegal bot-fighting. She gives them embraces. Also, she inquires about their well-being before lecturing them about her concern for them and their carelessness.

Cass explains how she decided to take them in despite her lack of experience raising children, her inadequacy as a mother, and the possibility that she should read a book on parenting guidance. She then takes Mochi, the family cat, up to the second floor. It was after going to the kitchen to get some goodies to relieve her stress. Before Aunt Cass, stressed out, consumes everything in the cafe, Tadashi tries to dissuade Hiro from engaging in bot combat.

She has not seen it again until the film’s end when Hiro and his friends go to San Francisco Tech. Hiro asks for one more embrace as he accepts the lunch she made. Then, he departs for the college, and she smiles as she witnesses their departure.

She knows Baymax in the closing credits, suggesting that Hiro introduced her to him after Baymax stopped exposing Hiro’s plan to exact revenge on his brother. Though it would seem odd, it is unknown if she is aware of Big Hero 6. She was also with Hiro, Mochi, Baymax, and the rest of the Big Hero 6 team in a newspaper photo attending a ceremony to dedicate a building in Tadashi’s honour.

She may then be seen at the San Francisco Institute of Technology conference standing beside Hiro and telling the audience how proud she is of him and Tadashi after his performance. Cass offers to prepare a complimentary supper at the café for Hiro, Tadashi, and the rest of their friends in honour of Hiro’s admission to the Institute.

She agrees when Tadashi asks if he and Hiro can spend some time alone so they can catch up. Tadashi, however, perishes in a fire at the convention centre shortly after she and the others head to the car. She is present in her home, grieving Tadashi’s passing. Also, her pals Fred, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, and Wasabi, are consoling her. She also joins Hiro and the others to attend Tadashi’s burial. She feeds Hiro his food for approximately a month as he grieves Tadashi’s passing and is too heartbroken to leave his room.

When Cass sees his empty plate, she comforts Hiro and urges him to enrol in classes at San Francisco Tech because that is what Tadashi would have wanted. However, Hiro seems unmoved, so Cass decides to give him some space. Later, when Hiro sees Baymax leave his room to follow the microbot, he tries to do the same but is stopped by his Aunt Cass. She hugs him, relieved that Hiro is finally leaving his room and preparing to enrol for college. Before letting him go, she gives him a hug, a short kiss, and another hug.

Cass notices that Hiro is home. He is making wings for a special meal in honour of his first day at college. It occurs after Hiro narrowly escapes the killing by Callaghan. He tries in vain to report the incident to the police. He tries to catch up and takes the wings to his room to hide Baymax from mom. Then, as she is watching Frankenstein, Hiro sneaks past her. He heads to the garage to download a fighting chip to defend himself against Callaghan.

The Series Big Hero 6

Still unaware of Hiro’s secret existence as a superhero, Cass frequently reappears in the sequel series. She typically has a supporting role. In “Food Fight,” Cass unintentionally enters a clandestine culinary contest; despite her subsequent passion for the activity, her winning streak finds her in trouble with Momakase, a rival chef and supervillain. While visiting Hiro at school in “Aunt Cass Goes Out,” Cass meets Alistair Krei and strikes a friendship with him.

The Series Big Hero 6

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Unfortunately, at that time, one of Krei’s associates devised a plot against Krei, in which Cass unwittingly became involved. Ironically, both episodes’ events turned Cass off the idea of having a life outside of managing the café and raising Hiro. It was all about Big Hero Six Aunt and her details!


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