First-Time Riding Electric Bike? These Tips Will Keep You Safe on Road


Electric bikes are getting significant attention and popularity, especially among youths. For a fun riding experience, an electric bike can be your favorite companion because of its efficiency and convenience. 

So if you’ve bought a new electric bike, congratulations on joining the electric bikers community! You must be thrilled and excited to finally get your hands on your new toy. 

But before you take your new electric bike out on the road, you need to know some safety tips for a smooth riding experience. 

So here is a list of some essential tips that will keep you safe while riding your electric bike for the first time.

Check the Battery of Your Electric Bike

The first and most important safety tip is to ensure the battery is fully charged before commuting with a city electric bike

Since electric bikes are mostly assisted by charged power, a low battery can limit several features of your new bike. But first, you need to know how long your bike will take to be fully charged. 

A powerful battery might take a slightly longer time to charge. But a fully charged battery is recommended if you want to take your bike on the road for the first time. 

Learn How to Mount and Dismount

For first-timers, everything becomes a challenge. If you’re not careful, you can injure yourself even while you’re getting on and off your electric bike. So you need to learn how to properly mount and dismount your new electric bike. 

To make things comfortable, you can customize the height of the bike. Another tip is to try different frames to help mount and dismount your bike easily. 

Get Used to the Controls and Brakes

One important thing you must understand is that electric bikes are quite different from traditional bikes. It might take a little bit of practice to get a full grip on the brakes when it comes to controlling and braking.

You first need to learn to control your bike at a different speed. Electric bikes are faster than regular bikes. They have different modes like regular, sport and turbo, etc. 

You need to learn how to brake your bike on these different modes. Once you are comfortable with the acceleration and braking, you’re good to go on your first trip.

Keep Your Electric Bike Tuned Up

Just like regular bikes, it’s important to keep your electric bike tuned up for a safe ride. Usually, the manufacturer sells the bikes in a perfectly tuned-up condition so you don’t need to worry about it. 

But it’s still safe to check the chain, the brakes, and other functional features before going out on a road trip with your electric bike. Speaking of road trips, here’re some tips to make your road trips memorable

Check the Tire Pressure  

Another important thing to keep in mind is the tire pressure. Before you go out for the first time, ensure your electric bike tires are properly inflated. Without proper tire pressure, you might lose control of your bike. 

Before checking the tire pressure, you should see the manufacturer’s instructions. There will be information on your bike’s optimum tire pressure level. 

Proper tire pressure is an essential factor when you’re planning to go for a long ride. By the way, looking for the best road to ride with your new electric bike? The roads of Nevada can be your perfect destination. 

Keep an Eye on the Speed Limits

One big advantage of electric bikes is that they’re much faster than traditional ones. But it can become a disadvantage, too, especially if you’re on trails. The maximum speed limit of most trails is between 10 to 15 mph. 

But your electric bike can go a lot faster than that. So if you’re not careful, you might be overspeeding and that can lead to accidents. In urban streets, most cars will not anticipate the high speed of your electric bike. So it’s always a safe option to maintain a slow speed while riding.

Wear Gears for Protection

Human beings are not immune to accidents. Since this is your first time riding an electric bike, you must be extra careful about accidents. That’s why wearing safety gear can be a good idea. 

Several safety gears are available for bike riders. The helmet protects the most important area of your body. So you should buy the best helmet with maximum protection. 

Make Your Bike Visible

Most bike accidents usually happen at night. One of the reasons for those accidents is the lack of visibility. If you’re planning to go out with your bike at night, you must install front and rear lights on your bike. 

To avoid this sort of accident, you can add small lights on the front and back of your new electric bikes. For extra safety, you can also add one to your helmet. 

Electric bikes don’t come with lights, so you have to buy these by yourself. But these lights are cheap so you won’t have to spend much on them.

Add Warning Devices

When riding your bike for the first time, you must keep the pedestrians alerted of your position. That’s why you have to install devices like horns and bells. 

Bells are used to warn pedestrians but not enough to alert cars. Air horns generate louder noise to alert drivers. So it’s better to install both bells and horns for different occasions. 


Electric bikes are great companions for a fun ride. As the summer is heating up, you’d want to have a great time with your new electric bike. But you also need to ensure that you ride safely and responsibly. 

That’s why following the above-mentioned tips can help you stay safe when you’re riding for the first time. Just follow these tips and have a wonderful experience riding an electric bike.


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