5 Maintenance Tips for Your Hardwood Floors

Your Hardwood Floors

If you have any questions about how to care for your new hardwood flooring installation, make sure to read this article for Your Hardwood Floors!

Your hardwood floor installation project have never looked better, and you want to keep them looking that way for as long as possible. We’re here to help! Here are five tips to help you maintain your wood floors so they stay beautiful for the life of your home.

1. Use floor mats.

Dirt and debris are enemies of any hardwood floor. Protect yours by putting down some floor mats inside and outside the home.

2. Taking off your shoes!

When walking into a home, people tend to wear shoes, even if only for a few minutes. Barefooting it around the house is better for your feet, and for your wood floors. You’re helping to preserve the longevity of your hardwood floor by eliminating friction on hardwood floor surfaces. Plus, keeping those shoes off can improve air quality in your home by limiting dust particles from entering the house through doorways or air vents. Keep in mind, too, that some types of shoes – like stiletto heels and cleats – are damaging to floors even if they’re fresh out of the box, so never wear those on the hardwood floors.

3. Floor protectors.

Your furniture’s feet can damage your hardwood floor if you don’t take measures to protect it. Protect your floors by installing felt floor protectors under each leg of your furniture. If a rug is still needed for your room, invest in an area rug to place under a dining room table or sofa that will be moving frequently.

4. Use the right tools for cleaning.

Vacuuming your hardwood floor is one of the best ways to keep it clean. Use a vacuum without a beater bar, or disable yours if you can turn off that setting. Try a microfiber mopping mop instead of a broom, which will kick dust up into the air and scratch the floor surface if you’re not careful.

5. Keep water away from the floors.

It’s important to protect your hardwood floors while they’re being installed. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid spilling your drink on the floor! Beyond that, make sure not to use a damp mop or steam cleaner. Instead, use a specially formulated wood cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle exactly.


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