The Ultimate Jordan Travel Guide


One of the most popular and well-liked destinations to travel to in the middle east is Jordan. The home to amazing natural wonders, historic sites, and gorgeous beaches – there are many fascinating things to see and do all year long. However, due to its climate it is important to understand what to expect during different seasons, as this will help you to plan a vacation that you will all enjoy. Here are some of the most important things you must know if you are wanting to travel around Jordan this year. 

The best time to visit

Depending on what you are wanting to so and see whilst you are in Jordan will impact the time of year that would be best for you to go. If you’re an avid hiker, March through to May is the best season to visit Jordan. The wildflowers cover the dry landscape, the forests are full of life and colour – there is nothing more scenic or picturesque. Jordan gets very hot through the peak summer months, so another great time to book a trip to Jordan is in the fall, from September to November. As the sweltering summer heat begins to subside, diving conditions in the Gulf of Aqaba are at their peak – making it a comfortable and enjoyable trip. 

Where to stay

Jordanian hotels are, at best, clean and basic. The shore of Aqaba* is lined with inexpensive hotels with sea views, the popular Kempinski Hotel provides comfortable accommodations with Red Sea views. The options are a little more varied in Petra, ranging from very basic self-catered lodgings and camping to hotels like the Petra Boutique Hotel, which is a short stroll from the historic city and very modern.

What to do

When exploring Jordan, it can often be safer and more affordable more affordable to book a tour. This way, you are able to see all the iconic attractions and stay safe at the same time. 

Dead Sea – The world’s saltiest and most mineral-rich body of water is also the lowest point on Earth.

Petra – One of the seven wonders of the world, there is plenty to do here in the capital city of Jordan. 

Wadi Rum Desert – Often compared to the surface of Mars, the Wadi Rum Desert is stunning – full of towering rocks, desert land and peaceful views.

What to expect

What is suitable to wear are the main source of conflict between locals and visitors in Jordan –  Women should wear loose-fitting attire and refrain from wearing anything exposing in order to respect cultural customs, whilst men should never walk around shirtless. Public affection is a frowned upon topic in Jordan, this includes holding hands and kissing, therefore make sure this is kept to a minimum whilst out and about. Remember never to drink tap water, and always have bottled water on you at all times. 


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