Questions to ask yourself when selling a home


Questions and real estate go hand in hand. After all, with so much on the line, it’s always better to ask and know than to not ask and get a shock later on!

For example, Compass Real Estate Brokers are one of the most popular businesses in the country, and yet, the question “Is Compass Realty in trouble?” was once a commonly searched term online.

In other words, questions are a healthy part of the process. And when it comes to selling your home, here are some you may want to ask yourself.

Why do you really want to move?

You’d be surprised at how often people struggle to answer this question. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s your life and if you want to make changes, you should absolutely go for it!

But try to be careful with that final decision. Acting on impulse isn’t the way to go here. Think long and hard about what you want for yourself and your loved ones, and whether a move will help or hinder these goals.

Do you have the financial resources?

The ultimate deciding factor when it comes to moving into a new place. Perhaps you’re looking to move to decrease your mortgage a little more, or you’re now fully paid up.

But even if this seems like the perfect time to make a change, don’t forget the accompanying costs that can come with a move before making your decision.

Are you underestimating your emotions?

Wanting to move and being emotionally able to do so are two very different things. You’re not just selling a home, you’re saying goodbye to years of memories with loved ones, where you may have even raised your family.

But making decisions based on emotions can be damaging to a sale. And while it’s certainly not easy, you’re going to need to view this home as a simple item you want to sell and nothing more.

Are your expectations realistic? 

These expectations can range from the price you’re determined to sell at, to the timeframes you’re hoping to accomplish all of this. Yes, a good realtor is always going to move mountains to make your goals happen, but with so many other variables to consider, it’s important to have fair expectations.

Can you tolerate strangers criticizing your home? 

Open home viewings are a shock to first-time sellers. You’re not expecting to hear so many people comment on your home. And it’s difficult to not take these comments personally. However, if you can grin and bear it, you’re one step close to making a sale happen.

Is it market-ready or do you need to get to work? 

Cosmetic scuffs and scratches are always going to happen in a happy home. But when it’s time to sell up and move on, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and put in the work when it comes to de-cluttering and cleaning your place.

Inside and out, your home needs to scream “buy me soon before someone else does!”. And in no time, the only question left for you is going to be which offer you want to accept from a motivated buyer.



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