How To Furnish A Large Kitchen


When you have moved into a new apartment or simply looking to remodel your home, you can face several challenges if you want to furnish a large kitchen. This is because you have to find the right furniture for a space and get that connection between the kitchen and the dining room. But with some tips, you’ll learn how to furnish the area with the best kitchen furniture and other items that will come in handy.

If you spend your time and money to remodel the kitchen, the result will be a harmonious place that will attract your guests. Likewise, you will be giving purchasing value to your property. 

To successfully furnish a large kitchen, you should consider:

Kitchen layout

It will help if you select the best kitchen layout to keep it open to the house’s living room or another social area. You can also choose a closed kitchen that works as an intimate space for you and your family.

You can choose a long kitchen with enough space for more than one person to stay in. These spaces are ideal for keeping them linked to a living or dining room.

You can distribute the kitchen in a triangular shape, with the sink and the table in the center and the refrigerator at one end. The correct size for this ceramic table is 2.5 meters long, and its width does not exceed 60 centimeters to avoid taking up unnecessary space.

Another option would be an L-shaped kitchen where you place the fridge, sink, and appliances on just two walls. You will have enough space in the center to place a large dining room.


Knowing where the kitchen appliances will go according to the kitchen distribution and how the lighting will work is important. A prestigious kitchen enjoys excellent lighting in both the gastronomic and dining rooms. That is why you should try to illuminate the kitchen evenly so that no area is left in the dark.

You could use energy-saving LED bulbs that promise to give you a pleasant environment. You can try a more modern decoration not only by placing spotlights on the ceiling but also in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island

It is a good idea to include a kitchen island in your kitchen to organize your appliances easily. The correct measurements for a kitchen island are 2.5 meters long by 60 cm wide.

The kitchen island can also fulfill two functions: keeping the sink at one end and a linear dining room at the other. If so, the standard measure would change to more than 1 meter wide, reducing the kitchen’s space.


It is convenient to buy the best custom kitchen cabinets if you want a unique decoration. Try to arrange the kitchen cabinets in a vintage style that fits the design you would like to give your kitchen. Most of these kitchens have a minimalist decoration, vintage or with shades of brown, gray, and white that you may love.

You can also include small trees that create a fresh panorama. In turn, you could buy custom furniture that does not take up a large space in the dining area.

For a kitchen to look impeccable, you should promote the use of pastel colors both in the cabinets and in the decoration. The lighting should be simple but not limited to avoiding a mysterious environment.

Final Thoughts

The process of furnishing and organizing large kitchen furniture is tedious, but you can make it a little easier with the help of tips that were mentioned in this article. It would help if you focused on creating a friendly, familiar, and stylish space to represent your entire home. Perhaps the most important points of furnishing a kitchen are lighting, decoration, and where you will place the dining room.

As a decoration lover, you could look for references to elegant kitchens and copy these ideas. The intention is that you have a base on how to furnish your gastronomic space and thus not have a bad experience during the whole process. Do not forget that a good kitchen is also made of quality furniture, so you must request it from the best suppliers in the country. 

Once you have finished furnishing the kitchen, you can turn this room into the center of your house to entertain your guests or to spend time with your family.


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