How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom 


The bedroom is a sanctuary for a lot of people. It is a place to relax and turn in for the night with great sleep. A way to make it even more amazing is by making it environmentally safe and sustainable. 

It is considerably easier than it appears at first look to create an eco-friendly bedroom. True, you will have to do some research to locate the best products and furniture for your charming corner, but it can be a joyful and inspiring process. By making your bedroom eco-friendly, you will be helping yourself and the planet at large. 

Now, let’s go through the right products to create an Eco-Friendly bedroom. 

Choosing the right furniture (recycled)

These days, eco-friendly bedroom furniture is becoming increasingly trendy. and there are many online retailers like House and Hold that sell furniture that’s both stylish and eco friendly. But, Instead of buying brand new furniture such as a new dresser or chair, you can also get a used one from a second-hand furniture store. Eco-friendly furniture is made with sustainable materials and is either used or recycled. You should get furniture that is made with natural materials. Also, you should avoid cluttering the room by getting furniture that does not take up a lot of space. By doing this, you are reducing the need to fill them up with a lot of items thereby reducing materialism. 

To develop sustainable furniture, several eco-friendly furniture companies like Ferm Living use recovered or recycled materials such as wood, glass, and iron. Reclaimed items are frequently found in old furniture, homes, and other constructions.  In any case, using eco-friendly furniture is ageless and has a low carbon footprint in the long run.  

Organic mattress and bedding 

The material used to make the mattress and bedding is important when creating an eco-friendly room. You need to stick with natural, sustainable materials. The mattress and bedding should be made from wool, cotton, bamboo, or even natural latex. 

Mattresses made from plastics such as PVC should be completely avoided. Selecting natural fibers is crucial to creating a healthy, sustainable bedroom, so search for bedding made from renewable fibers like linen, cotton, or silk. Similarly, blankets and pillows made of wool will be both warm and environmentally sustainable. It is important for all materials used to be natural and free of any form of toxins. This is beneficial to one’s health and also helps in protecting the environment. 

Use of Houseplants 

It is general knowledge that plants help to purify the environment. Consider all of the materials you’ll be putting into your eco bedroom when decorating it. They are quite essential in getting rid of pollutants in the room. Artificial air fresheners are not environmentally friendly. For starters, air fresheners include a lot of artificial poisons and chemicals unless they’re created with natural components. There are some good reasons why the peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is one of the most durable and widely used bedroom houseplants: its glossy leaves survive in both high and low light, and its roots endure a range of irrigation systems. Other plants you can get are the Aloe plant, Jade plant as well as Ficus plant. These plants are relatively cheap and they do not cost a lot to maintain. 

Nevertheless, you should not overbuy or overuse the plants. You should keep everything as simple and fresh as possible. The goal is to be minimal with both costs and space while maintaining the desired sustainability. 

Eco-friendly paints and flooring 

Volatile Organic Compounds popularly shorted as VOC should be avoided. Zero VOC paint is the best choice for your bedroom. It is safe for you and the environment. According to Vanguard Resources, even at levels of 10 grams per liter, it is considered a far safer alternative to non-Zero VOC paints. A plus is that they are now more reachable than ever and can be easily purchased at stores and supermarkets. 

When it comes to flooring, you should also stick with natural materials such as cork, linoleum, jute, bamboo, or recycled wood. They are not just eco-materials but they also really beautify the room and make it cozy as it should be. If possible, avoid changing your floors and just keep using the current ones. You can try to spice them up and make them pop more but keeping them is the eco-friendliest thing to do. For people that like carpeted floors, you can equally get those made from hemp. 

Reduction in the Use of Electrical Appliances 

To achieve a sustainable bedroom, you need to reduce the number of devices using electricity. Replace all of your light bulbs with LED or incandescent ones. You should stay away from fluorescent lighting. The compact kind directly consists of mercury as well as various toxic materials. LED lights are safer than fluorescent lights because they don’t emit as many UVC and UVA rays as them. You should reduce the number of electrical appliances in your room. Retain just the ones you need. Plants can serve as an alternative to humidifiers. If an electrical appliance is not being used, it should be switched off. This is important because it helps the environment and reduces electricity costs. 

Rather than installing a temperature control device in your bedroom, attempt to get rid of the air conditioning and prospective heaters (particularly central heating), as they consume a lot of energy and increase your carbon emission. 

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom in Summary

Creating an eco-friendly bedroom is not a difficult task. With some planning and proper use of the right materials, you can make your room sustainable. Energy-efficient eco-friendly environments are essential. Truth is that it helps one’s health and in turn makes the environment more sustainable. The journey to creating an eco-friendly bedroom does not have to be rushed. You can start now and enjoy the ride. Once you are really passionate about transforming your room to make it favorable to you and our planet at large, this goal will be achieved with no stress. 

You may quickly begin a more sustainable and eco-friendly phase in your life by following all the steps above. 

Finally, we hope that this guide was helpful in creating your perfect eco-friendly bedroom. You save money and energy when you start green living!


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