National Sports Day 2022: More than Just a Day for India

National Sports Day India

Every year, all progressive mankind celebrates the day of sports for the benefit of peace and development. None of the scientists in different spheres of the life of our civilization can still come to a consensus on when the first man came up with sports. Today it is generally accepted that sport is inherent in every inhabitant of the planet, regardless of gender, religion, age in A person likes to arrange competitions, games, entertainment, active leisure and numerous intellectual exercises. Sport unites people all over the world, being the most peaceful activity on earth.

Sports events of any level are an important tool for education, development, strengthening solidarity at the national and international levels. In large cities, master classes are held with the participation of famous athletes and international champions. All sections of modern society understand the high importance of sports, which expands the opportunities of young people.

National Sports Day 2022 - More than Just a Day for India

When is this day celebrated in India?

India celebrates the annual National Sports Day. There, this holiday, popular all over the world, is celebrated exactly when the world-famous Major Dhyan Chand was born. This man achieved success in hockey thanks to which he became famous himself and glorified India all over the world. On this day, various competitions are organized throughout the country. In particular, these are team games.

This sports festival in India decided to celebrate on August 29th. On this very day, Dhyan Chanda was born. He brought many victories to his country, becoming a real pride for her. They called him “The Magician”. In 1936, he received the Padma Bhushana award. In 1956, the National Sports Day holiday was announced. Many team games are played in India. But cricket is especially popular. This is the lifestyle in India. cricket is considered a religion there. There are such athletes at the level of celebrities. Football is the most popular after cricket.

This is a holiday for athletes and coaches, athletes and sports veterans, for all fans of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

Sports and physical education are very beneficial for health: they strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, the respiratory system, speed up metabolism, form an attractive appearance, and also temper character and willpower. Therefore, physical activity is necessary for every person striving to be healthy, and not just professional athletes.

Why sports are so important

According to WHO, 3.2 million people die each year due to lack of physical activity in the world. Rational physical activity – 2.5 hours of training per week or 30 minutes per day, 10,000 steps per day. We need two types of physical activity: cardio and strength training. 

According to your physical condition, you can choose moderate-intensity exercise (walking, cycling at an average speed, yoga, and even house cleaning) or high-intensity exercise (running, brisk walking, martial arts, football, or basketball). If there is no time for training, use every opportunity for additional activity. You can walk to and from work, get off public transport 1-2 stops before the desired location, use the stairs instead of elevators, do 5-minute warm-ups during the working day.


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