Female Led Relationship

Female Led Relationship


If you think being in a relationship is easy, you might think the wrong way. The details such as female led relationship will help you understand that there are certain ups and downs of the relationship that you have to understand if you want to spend a balanced life. Otherwise, you will never be able to get the desired happiness you seek from your relationship.

A person’s life totally changes when he or she enters a relationship. There are different types of relationships, and sometimes you might spend balanced life. But in other cases, it has been witnessed that one partner is dominant over the other.

Most of the time, the dominant partner makes the most valuable decisions and the second partner has to accept them. In this article, we have mentioned all the details regarding the female-led relationship for the enhancement of your knowledge.

An introduction to female led relationship

There are two ways it can go if you are in a relationship. First, whether the dominant person in the relationship is the male partner or, in the other case, the female partner makes the dominant decisions. The latter can also be described as a female led relationship. If we go through the details, we will know that people want to know more about these relationships and understand their pros and cons.

An introduction to female led relationship

The categories of the female led relationship

According to the available details, we can categorize female led relationships into three categories. Below we have mentioned these categories for your knowledge:

  • Less or no control
  • Intermediate control or symbiotic relation
  • Completely female led relationship

1.     Less or no control

In such type of relationship, we mostly find the women that are housewives or accustomed to domestic tasks and do not have much say in the relationship or the important decisions regarding their life. In such cases, the one dominating is the male character. You only find women coming out and taking control of a situation in only a few cases where the male partners think appropriate.

2.      Intermediate control or symbiotic relationship

This kind of relationship resembles a symbiotic relationship. According to the available details the people in such type of relation keep switching the dominancy. In some cases, we find the male partner to be dormant. In other cases, we might find the female partner to be dominant. The control of each sex on the partner of the opposite sex is moderate, and so do their interference in the decision-making process.

3.      Completely female led relationship

In a completely female led relationship, the only person in charge is the female partner, and the dominancy of the male partner is extremely less or negligible. This is a true example of a female led relationship. In such types of relations, most of the time, we find that the women are more associated with social life and have a professional portfolio. Also, if the female partner’s financial strength is greater than that of the male partner, such events might occur.

The benefits of the female led relationship

Just like all other factors, if we talk about the female-led relationship, we will know that there are hundreds of benefits to this situation. Below we have mentioned a few for you:

The benefits of the female led relationship

1.      Fewer instances of conflicts

If a female partner leads a relationship, then the chances of giving rise to conflicts are much lower. Most of the time, it has been observed that conflicts happen with less understanding between the partners. The female dormancy satisfies female minds, thus reducing the chances of a conflict.

2.      Better communication between the partners

Communication between the partners is the most valuable thing. If the partners do not have good communication, they will never be able to lead a good life.  A female led relationship guarantees improved communication.

3.      The insurance of the freedom of female partner

In relationships where the male partners are dominant, the freedom of the female partners is compromised. This is why if a female leads a relationship, then the freedom of the female partner can be ensured.

4.      Perfect intimacy

Intimacy is the actual part of any relationship; if it is not improved, the relationship might go through a difficult phase. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that female-led relationship situations have more intimacy than otherwise.

The drawbacks of female led relationships

Although there are several benefits of female-led relationships, it also has some drawbacks. These drawbacks must be studied to improve the relationship life of the partners. Below we have mentioned a few for your knowledge:

1.      The unacceptance of the male partner

Most masculine figures do not accept the dominance of their female partners; therefore, talking through is the only thing that can help you ensure that your relationship thrives and no problems arise in your love life. Understanding whether the male figure will be comfortable with your dominancy or not.

2.      The judging eyes of the society

We have observed repeatedly that most of the relationships in the modern world are led by male figures. Thus going for a female led relationship will be out of the box. In such a case, society will judge you, and people will raise questions about your practices. Therefore you should stay true to ideology to make your relationship thrive.

3.      The psychological toll

Taking a dominant role in the love life is quite different, and it might have some psychological defects too. In most cases, when we discuss the female-led relationship, we will know that women feel that they are mothering their partner, which is not a good feeling at all. To shun such ideas, you should balance your attitude and ensure you do not impose your decisions upon your partners. You are the one who takes responsibility for the happiness of your partner.

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Female led relationship has some positive sides and some drawbacks too. Also, these situations are different for every couple. You should decide what you want to do with your relationship and who will be the dominant partner to spend the rest of your life in comfort. For additional insights on this topic, go check out Cupids Light


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