What Is Fishing With Neodymium Magnets

What Is Fishing With Neodymium Magnets

Fishing enthusiasts are taking a different approach to the sport by incorporating rope and strong, heavy, dynamic magnets to bring large debris to the surfaces of varied bodies of water, hidden treasures if you will. Go here for details on magnet fishing.

The hobby is catching on throughout the world but isn’t something with a lot of widespread media attention just yet. It’s an activity not unlike dry-land metal detecting only on the water in that the magnet will pull metal objects from the depths of the water for the anxious angler to do with as they wish. 

You could even probably call this a scuba diving expedition for people who might be afraid to go in the water.

Many tout the activity as an eco-friendly one that’s helping to clean the different waterways. We can hope people keep what they bring up and not “catch and release” if they’re disappointed with their “find.” Let’s look at this approach to fish more in-depth.

What Is A Neodymium Magnet

Magnet fishing is a whole new approach to the sport where the angler looks for buried treasure instead of fish. The supplies for the excursion are pretty simplistic, with the need for a super-strong “neodymium” magnet and a lengthy, durable rope.

The purpose for using neodymium fishing magnets is the degree of strength associated with these despite their size. The suggestion is that a “5lb option has the potential for lifting 100 times its weight.” 

That capacity will assuredly dislodge treasure hiding underwater since it will likely be covered in mounds of grime, soil, and other debris.

An angler must use exceptional caution when using a neodymium magnet considering its force. If you have medical metal devices or implants, check with a physician before engaging in the activity. 

Also, with electronic devices like cell phones, the magnet has the potential to break these and can interact with other magnets by shattering these. It would be best to store these with extreme care away from medical equipment or tools. 

It’s wise to research the magnet before purchase to get as much information as possible for care, storage, handling, and use to ensure your safety and those around you.

Tips And Tricks For Magnet Fishing

When magnet fishing, aside from having an adequate magnet, you will need a supply of rope, with the suggestion being that the length is sufficient to the body of water you intend to scour, and the durability is capable of withstanding the water weight and the object without snapping on the way up. You don’t want to lose the item or, most importantly, your magnet. 

As with a standard fishing trip, it’s essential to have the usual supplies of gloves, towels, bucket, and always bring snacks. A trip can go for a couple of hours, or you might want to spend the day. A few things you might want to keep in mind when heading out for your excursion:

  • The location is important

Wherever you choose to go matters; the body of water can determine the sort of objects you might find. An indication is if you’re into “criminology,” perhaps you would go near a bridge or an area where somebody might have an inkling to toss an item in the water like something they might have stolen before they were caught. 

However, it would be best if you always heeded the side of caution. If you find something that appears to be a weapon, especially a gun, immediately take it to the police station with guidance on where it was found. It could be vital evidence for a case.

You could go to an area that has existed for perhaps centuries. You could find items from a war, maybe objects from a town or city devastated by a natural disaster.

What Is Fishing With Neodymium Magnets

  • Practice safety while fishing

The strong neodymium magnetic force is one that can cause severe damage if not handled appropriately. It’s vital to wear heavy gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Improper use can create jammed fingers, bruising, and even fractures. 

It’s recommended only to use one magnet when fishing. Avoid trying to use more than that simultaneously. 

When the magnet isn’t in use, make sure to keep it in the case it came in with foam around it for safe storage. Ensure it’s clean and dry before putting it in the case. All supplies, including the rope, should be washed and dry before returning them to their storage areas.

What Is Fishing With Neodymium Magnets

  • Take your finds with you

The hobby boasts of being an environmentally friendly solution to cleaning the floors of the waterways. While that might be true, some people are guilty of leaving what they find behind on the water’s edge to either end up back in the water or litter up the dry land. 

That’s in no way environmentally friendly. It actually defeats the purpose of cleaning the debris from the waters.

No one wants the hobby eliminated because of a few bad seeds. Make sure that you take what you find with you. If you don’t have a use or purpose for it, recycle it or find the appropriate process for disposal. 

Final Thought

Magnet Fishing is catching on worldwide, with more people taking to the waters to clean up the debris from their floors. They’re doing so using a super-strong neodymium magnet and heavy rope. The combination has the power to bring up objects that are sitting under some mounds of grime, soil, and other debris. 

While this sort of magnet is vital to be able to bring up metal objects, it also requires extreme caution on the part of the person using it. If you or anyone around you might have any metal implanted or medical devices, it’s crucial to check with your doctor before using a magnet with this power. 

The priority is your safety. For those who intend to fish with the magnet, it’s wise to research adequate handling, care, use, and storage before purchasing for optimum safety. No one wants to be sorry – we all want to be safe and have a good time.


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