How to Maintain Short Hair Styles For a Luscious Look


There are very many ways to style one’s hair. You can choose to keep your hair long, short or of medium length. Short hair styles are some of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. This is because it is usually very natural hence not much effort is required to style it appropriately. This makes short haircuts perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

There are some basics that you should know in order to keep your short haircut looking attractive and fashionable. The following are some of the tips to consider to help you maintain your short hair styles

  • Comb It Occasionally

Unlike long hair, short hair styles do not need to be combed daily. This is because it does not tangle very fast. Gently rubbing your fingers through the hair is actually enough to detangle the hair and style it appropriately. The fingers help to get enough volume where you want it as you are in full control of them.

It is however advisable, that you comb the hair occasionally using a bristle brush. If you want a style that helps you to stand out, you can blow-dry the hair a bit and then gently style it using the brush.


  • Do Not Use  Heated Products

Short hair is usually weakened by the continued use of heated hair products. These products include flat irons, blow driers, and even curling irons. They make the hair weak to the extent that it easily loses color. It is therefore advisable to avoid the use of hot tools on your short hair.

You can use wet cotton wool and a dab to remove the tangles and restyle the hair instead of using hot tools. If you want to increase the volume of your hair, find the right products to help in achieving the volume that you want. Getting the right product to help in volume addition helps in styling the hair appropriately.

However, when selecting hair products to help in improving the volume and texture of your short hair styles, ensure that they are of the best quality. This is very key in the protection of your scalp. Always ensure that the scalp is not dry as this can cause itching.

Regularly wash the scalp thoroughly using warm water and a soft brush. You can get a hair treatment that is gentle on your scalp. Always ensure that you moisturize the scalp to keep it healthy.

  • Trim The Hair Often

Maintaining the length of your short hairstyle is very important. Depending on the rate of growth, your hair needs to be trimmed after every four to six weeks. The regular cut is what determines how fashionable you look. This is because it helps you get the length, volume, and texture that you want to rock for the next six weeks.

There are a few things to consider when getting any particular short haircut. The first one is your face shape. The shape of the face helps to choose a style that will match your facial appearance.

The hair length that you want is another important thing to consider. Make emphasis on the length of hair that you want. This helps the stylist to know how to make the edges, the products to use, and the size of the blade that they need to use.


  • Wash The Hair On a Daily Basis

Cleaning your short hair every day is very important. This is because short hair styles tend to hold on to grease more aggressively compared to long hair. Therefore, you need to invest so much in hair cleaning products. Deeply condition the hair so that each strand of hair is properly hydrated.

Thoroughly rinse off the shampoo so that it doesn’t cause irritation on the hair which can even eat away your hair. On days when you do not have enough time to clean the hair, you can use dry shampoo. Rinse the hair using cold water to give the hair a shiny look. The cold water will also help to reduce the damage done by the hot tools.


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