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Juan López

Juan López

Who is Juan López? Juan López was an American entrepreneur and baseball coach best known as Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband. He was born on March 17, 1972, and his name was Juan Manuel López Pardo. This baseball coach appeared to be enjoying a regular life until a string of headlines revealed that he was a drug dealer involved in numerous unlawful cases. This news brought him to the attention of the media. And he became even more renowned after people learned about Juan López’s death in jail. So, to learn more, begin reading this Juan Biography.

Biography of Juan López and other information

Juan López (Born March 17, 1972) is widely recognized as a late Mexican drug dealer who is probably well-known for being the former husband of a late famous American singer named Jenni Rivera, who is also widely recognized as an American songwriter, actress, television producer, spokesperson, and philanthropist who gained worldwide fame.

Furthermore, Juan and famous singer Jenni Rivera married in 1997, and they have two children named Johnny Lopez and Jenicka Lopez from their marriage. They split in 2003. Juan divorced six years before passing and died from Pneumonia in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States.

According to our sources, before his fame, he married a renowned American lady, and after their divorce, he began selling drugs. In 2007, he had involvement in trafficking narcotics; in 2009, he died in the United States of America.

Early Childhood and Education

He was born in Nayarit but moved to the United States when he was young, where he spent his life till death. As of this writing, his family members’ information is still under review. Juan may wish for some privacy in his personal life.

According to accounts, he attended a private high school, but little information about his schooling is public. Continue reading the biography to learn more about Juan López.

Juan López: Who Was He?

Juan López was a baseball coach from the United States who taught baseball to various teams and pupils at various high schools. Everything was swimmingly until Juan López had involvement in drug trading and was jailed.

How Did Juan López Pass Away? Cause of Death for Juan López

According to reports, Juan cause’s cause of death is still unknown. There is no indication of whether his death resulted from a murder or a sickness. His death date, however, is June 14, 2009 (and he was discovered dead at the Juan López jail).

Information on Juan López and Jenni Rivera Juan López’s Marriage and Children

Juan and Jenni Rivera began dating in 1995 and married in 1997. The couple had a happy existence with one daughter and one son until Juan López became addicted to narcotics. Juan began trafficking drugs to make more money. The authorities decided to imprison him for six years, but he died in the second year.

Information on Juan López and Jenni Rivera Juan López's Marriage and Children

Furthermore, before going to jail, Jenni filed for divorce on the advice of her best friend Marisela Vallejos Felix and was permanently separated from Juan.

Juan López’s Net Worth and Earnings

Juan earned a lot of monthly money as a baseball teacher and drug dealer! According to the most recent official reports, his net worth was over $4 million. Yes, it is a substantial sum. According to some reports, he was also a private coach for numerous children who wished to learn to play baseball.

Juan López's Net Worth and Earnings

Some Lesser-Known Juan López Facts

Juan López Age

He was born on March 17, 1972, and died in 2009 at 37. His birthplace is Nayarit, Mexico, where he was born and raised and had vivid childhood memories.

Timeline of his Career

It is commonly known that in 2007, Juan was convicted of drug trafficking. Long story short, he was a Mexican drug dealer who rose to fame and notoriety due to his marriage to Jenni Rivera.

Weight and Height

He was a tall man with a height of around 5 feet 10 inches (180 cm) and a weight of about 85 kg (187 lbs).

Body Dimensions

His bodily measurements are around 42-34-44.

Relationships & Personal Life

When he was very young, and it is also said that he was at the top of his career, he fell in love with a famous American singer named Jenni Rivera, whom he met and who also likes to meet with him.

As time passes, both begin to show interest in each other and eventually fall in love, allowing them to be united, and this pair married in a large private ceremony.

He and Jenni Rivera married in 1997 and lived together until 2003, when the couple decided it was time to split up. However, they had two children, Johnny Lopez and Jenicka Lopez.

Some quick information about Juan Lopez

Here are some facts about Jenni Rivera’s ex-life husband and career that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Juan Lopez passed away at the age of 37.

On March 17, 1972, Juan was born in Nayarit, Mexico. He was 37 years of age when he died. Juan and Amelia Pardo were his parents’ names. His early years, family, and schooling are not much public.

  1. He was the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera.

Jenni has married three times in her life. She had her first child, Chiquis, when she was 15 and still in high school. Jenni then married the father of his daughter, Jose Trinidad Marin. They had two additional children, Jackie, a daughter, and Michael, a son. Sadly, their marriage terminated in 1992.

  1. Juan had involvement in drug trafficking and smuggling.

Juan has received many convictions. He was guilty of allegedly bringing illegal immigrants from Mexico across the border two weeks after their wedding. He received a six-month prison term.

He was guilty of drug trafficking again in 2007, just a few years after divorcing Jenni. He received a sentence, but difficulties with his respiratory system claimed his life two years later.

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Summing Up!

Juan López was a reserved individual until he met Jenni Rivera. They were together for a decade, but fate intervened and removed Juan López from Jenni’s life. Anyway, drug dealing was Juan’s biggest mistake in life, and it alienated him from everything. Many followers believe that Juan López’s death was punishment for all the awful things he did in his life and for those who loved him the most. It was all about Juan López!


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