Paco Zazueta

Paco Zazueta

Who is Paco Zazueta? If you are unfamiliar with the name Melissa Barrera, you should become acquainted with it. The rising actress, who was already well-known in her home country of Mexico, made her big-screen debut in the film adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical “In the Heights.” Barrera’s career had already taken off despite the film splashing with audiences. In 2021, she finished filming “Carmen” for Warner Bros. She secured the lead role in the highly anticipated Netflix movie “Breathe,” in which she plays the lone survivor of an aircraft accident in the Canadian wilderness.

It isn’t her first television appearance. According to Deadline, she has spent the previous three years co-starring in the Starz drama “Vida.” Barrera is also a Clinique brand ambassador, and she was featured in a great article in Vogue in June about it. “Even though I have memories of my mother and grandmother using the creams and returning to them, I’m finding the brand right now,” she said of her new sponsorship.

Her personal life is equally hectic. Barrera and Paco Zazueta married two years ago and are still together. Please continue reading to learn about Paco Zazueta and how unusually he met his future rising-star wife.

Melissa Barrera met her spouse in an unexpected place:

If you’ve ever watched “The Bachelor,” you know just as well as we make that reality TV love rarely lasts. On the other hand, Melissa Barrera and her husband Paco Zazueta were not so lucky!

She didn’t win the main prize, but she did bring home a spouse, which was a good thing because Barrera didn’t enjoy working in reality TV. In 2019, she told Variety, “Reality TV is like a snake trap.” “You think the entertainment industry is difficult, but what about reality television? That is the pinnacle of whether or not you are prepared for this. If I made it through that show, I could accomplish anything.”

Barrera and Zazueta met under these difficult circumstances. Barrera told the outlet that Zazueta supported her during the singing competition. “We’d take turns telling each other that we had what it took to stick it out,” she explained to Variety. Barrera has since moved on to more high-brow television, while Zazueta has explored other interests. He labels himself as a “singer” and a “butcher” on his Instagram account. Some of his recordings are online, and you may get meat from the store listed in his bio.

Paco Zazueta has a successful career:

Melissa Barerra began winning acting gigs during their time on “La Academia,” while her husband, Paco Zazueta, pursued a very different path. Zazueta has been concentrating his efforts on his blossoming music career since quitting reality television. In 2012, Zazueta released his first album, “Paco Zazueta,” which is still available on Spotify.

Zazueta worked on several of his projects with his wife. Barerra played the love interest in his 2012 music video “Hazme Olvidarla” and his 2019 film “Melissa.” According to Harper’s Bazaar, the latter was written by Zazueta as a wedding gift for his wife, and of course, he had to play it during their wedding.

If Zazueta’s music career has stalled since his debut in 2012, it isn’t due to a lack of desire. It’s more likely that he’s been preoccupied with his family’s butcher shop. Carnes Zazueta has been owned by Zazueta’s father for over 50 years and is based in Obregón.

Paco Zazueta’s net worth

Paco Zazueta’s net worth is projected to be $1 million as of 2022. It covers his net salary, real estate, and other assets. He also works as an artist and craftsman. On his Instagram page, he frequently shares his craft and creativity. Paco made his money from his privately owned business and music studios. He has 12 songs that he keeps to himself.

Paco Zazueta's net worth

His net worth will undoubtedly increase shortly with continued effort and dedication. His wife, Melissa Barrera, on the other hand, is believed to have a net worth of roughly $2 million as of 2021.

How old is Paco Zazueta?

Paco Zazueta first opened his eyes on January 22, 1987, in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. Paco will be 34 years old in 2021. Every year on January 22nd, he celebrates his birthday. His zodiac sign at birth is Aquarius.

He was the son of Xavier Zazueta (father) and Francisca Munoz (mother). Paco also has two sisters, Marysol and Fernanda Zazueta. He is Mexican by nationality and a member of a white ethnic community. Paco considers Christianity to be his faith.

Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta do not share a residence:

Melissa Barrera and Zazueta have chosen different work paths, which has created additional obstacles in their marriage. Zazueta’s job as a butcher requires him to be in one place for long periods, with little room for travel. On the other hand, Barrera’s thriving acting career means she is rarely in one area for long periods of time and spends a lot of time in Los Angeles and New York.

Melissa Barrera and Paco Zazueta do not share a residence

As challenging as it may be for their relationship, Barrera and Zazueta have found a way to make it work, which Barrera attributes to Zazueta’s supporting approach. “It’s tough, and it never gets easy,” Barrera remarked in an Interview Magazine interview with Courteney Cox. “My husband is highly supportive, and it helps to have your partner’s unconditional love and support when you live a life like this.” Barrera also lends her support to Zazueta from afar. She never passes up an opportunity to promote his music or creative endeavors on social platforms.

Barrera believes that would change if they have children. “I’m usually stressing out because I’m alone with the dogs,” she admitted. “Whenever something happens, I think to myself, ‘What am I going to do with human babies?'”

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Paco Zazueta’s height

Paco, a well-known butcher, has a gorgeous face and a charming attitude. He has maintained his body with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Paco stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Paco’s body weight is around 70 kg based on his height. Paco has a stunning pair of black hypnotic eyes and black hair that falls to his shoulders. These were the complete details about Paco Zazueta!


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