4 Ways To Style A Midi Dress

Fashionable young woman wearing green pleated midi skirt, sweate

One of the best things about being a woman is having many clothing choices you can play around with to express your style and personality. And as Ralph Lauren puts it, “Fashion is over quickly, but style is forever.” This goes to show that you don’t really have to follow various fashion trends to be stylish and beautiful. Having your own style can be the key to looking elegant for as long as you like. Thankfully, one must-have clothing piece that can help you in your goal is to own a midi dress. 

The midi dress might be familiar to you as it comes and goes in the fashion scene. In fact, it’s a vintage clothing style that many icons have worn in the past until now. If you want to shop for midi dresses and want to learn more about how you can style them, you can pause for a good read. 

Here are some fantastic ways to style your midi dress: 

  • Wear It With Sexy Stilettos Shoes  

Despite the longer length of a midi dress, there are definite ways to make it look sexy on you. One of them is to wear sexy stilettos shoes with them.

Strappy high heels can make you have legs for days, as they can help give an illusion of an elongated physique. However, if wearing super high heels isn’t exactly your style, you can go for minimal wedges or sandals. They should be able to look great, especially with your satin dress

You can also skip pairing your favorite boots or sneakers with a midi dress. Many other outfits will call for them anyway. But for now, pull off a sexier look by wearing a casual midi dress with some sexy heels. This outfit can make you look a few inches tall, no matter how short or petite you are.  

  • Carry A Rattan Bag As An Accent To Your Midi Dress  

If you want to go for a plain colored midi dress, there’s no better way to elevate your overall look than by carrying a rattan bag. This can be the perfect accent, especially when sporting this style during the hot summer. With the rattan bag by your side, you won’t fail to turn heads as you enter the room.  

Midi dresses in lighter colors can be styled effortlessly chic to achieve a sophisticated look. This outfit can be perfect for some girls’ days out during the weekend or if you want to go on a relaxing date with your boyfriend or hubby. Whether you’re wearing a midi dress with no sleeves or short sleeves, bring in some cardigan or scarf to help you stay warm during cooler evenings.  

Toss it inside your rattan bag since you have plenty of space available anyway. You can wear ballet flats or heels to finish this elegant look. 

  • Pair It With Chunky Heels And Hat 

young women 

One famous outfit rocked by celebrities is wearing a midi dress with a hat and some chunky heels. This is a common look that is also photographed in fashion magazines. They’re the perfect balance of chic and cool. Whether you wear a mono-colored plain midi dress or a floral one, they all look great with a hat. In this style, you can wear your long hair down, and if you have enough time, consider creating some loose curls on your hair’s ends. 

As for your chunky heels, you can go for brown or nude colors, as it’s the best color to pair with any of your midi dresses. Don’t worry; they will still look great on any floral-patterned midi dress. It is always in style to wear chunky brown wedge heels with floral prints anyway. The brown heel has a timeless appeal for a reason. It is both feminine and a statement piece. 

  • Wear A Cardigan Or Coat With It  

Midi dresses can be worn in a variety of ways. But a simple way is to slide in your favorite cardigan, sweater, coat, or a jacket that everyone should have in their closet. Depending on your outfit’s color palette, find the best color that will fit your midi dress.  

During colder months, you may opt for a knitted cardigan and wear it with ankle boots. And if you’re feeling dressier, you can slide in your most elegant trench coat and wear thigh-high boots. Warmth and style can be guaranteed with a midi dress and tall riding boots. There are endless sartorial combinations, but what’s important is to feel warm and cozy while wearing your midi dress in colder months, so don’t forget to find your favorite sweater or jacket to pair it with. 


Midi dresses are enjoyable to style and work with. They’re also very flexible and can be worn in any season all year. Dresses like this are timeless, so you’ll reach for them season after season. This is probably why it has become a mainstay in the fashion industry. Many women of any age love to pull off this outfit and add accessories and accents to create a chic and pretty look. With the tips above, you now have some new ideas for rocking your midi dresses.  


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