Camilo Madrigal Age

Camilo Madrigal Age

What do you know about Camilo Madrigal age? A supporting character in Disney’s Encanto from 2021 is Camilo Madrigal. He is the elder brother of Antonio and the younger brother of Dolores. Camilo is Félix and Pepa’s second child. He can change his shape magically.

As someone who “doesn’t fully know who he is yet,” Camilo even utilizes his skill to experiment with other personas, tease his family, and make people laugh.

Birthday and Age

Rhenzy Feliz’s character Camilo Madrigal, who is voiced, was born on December 28th, 1934. It is said that this young youngster is 15 years old. The second or middle child of Pepa and Felix Madrigal, Camilo, is Antonio Madrigal’s younger brother and Dolores Madrigal’s older brother. His role in the film is “The one who does not know who he is yet.”


Camilo is the child of Félix and Pepa, the younger brother of Dolores, and the older brother of Antonio. He was born into the Madrigal family. Camilo is the cousin of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, in addition to being the nephew of Julieta, Bruno, and Agustn. He is the second-oldest cousin of Mirabel, who is only a few months older than him. For their first five years, they shared a nursery. Camilo moved out of the nursery and into his room after getting the power of shape shifting on the eve of his fifth birthday. He occasionally enjoys making fun of his family members, particularly his father and Isabela, or tending to the village’s young children and infants.


Camilo appears to be one of the family members with the fewest obligations placed on him by Abuela Alma because his gift is not highly beneficial to the community. Despite this, Camilo experiences pressure and struggles with insecurity, much like any of his family members. Camilo has self-identity issues and is someone who “doesn’t fully know who he is yet,” suggesting that he hides his concerns behind his upbeat exterior. Camilo, like Mirabel, has no memories of Bruno, unlike his sister or older cousins, because his uncle was very secretive while still living with the family and vanished when Camilo was only five years old. Growing up, Camilo had little knowledge of Bruno and had only heard whispers from his family.

Physical Qualities

A 15-year-old Colombian boy named Camilo has a slim physique, a light golden-brown complexion, curly, dark auburn hair, hazel green eyes, and freckles on his cheeks and nose in addition to a black tint on his eyelids. Camilo is the grandchild that most closely resembles his Abuelo Pedro out of all the others. Camilo and Pedro have quite different skin tones, facial structures, and hair, yet they share a lot of attributes, including facial expressions and a lot of Pedro’s fashion sense.

Physical Qualities

Like his deceased grandfather, Camilo has dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the collar unbuttoned, the buttons on the remainder of the shirt mismatched, and just the right side tucked into his pants. He also sports a yellow ruana with deeper yellow streaks, black slacks, and sandals with white etchings. Camilo’s attire features a chameleon motif, with chameleons on his shirt collar, ruana, and sandals, symbolizing his capacity for shape-shifting.


The whole Encanto film has set in Colombia, and a powerful Colombian actor voices the Disney film’s cartoon characters. The matriarchal family at the centre of the narrative lives in an unbelievable home built right in the middle of Colombia. The Colombian Madrigal family shown in the film is mestiza or mixed-race, and they have radically different skin tones, fashion preferences, and hairstyles.


Therefore, it isn’t easy to check which group Camilo Madrigal belongs to because this combination also creates connections with Afro-Latinos. Colombia serves as the backdrop for the entire film. That is why Camilo’s nationality may link to Colombian throughout the narrative.


The jokester of the Madrigal family, Camilo enjoys making fun of and mocking his family members. Even though he tends to be an imp, he has a heart of gold. Keeping an eye on and being there for his family. He occasionally makes crude comments like how the family became homeless. Camilo may be considered the “Theater Kid,” as opposed to his younger brother, who is shy, and his elder sister, who is always quiet. He is laid-back, affectionate, hilarious, and smart.

Camilo is a young person who enjoys being in the spotlight and making up rumour-based, overblown stories. Camilo enjoys playing soccer with city kids and the Casita; however, this isn’t explicitly stated in the middle of the film.

Magical abilities

Camilo Madrigal possesses the supernatural ability to change his shape. Even chameleons are carved on his ruana, collar, and footwear to symbolize his strength. He has mastered the management of his talent, but it also has its own set of personal constraints. Camilo can only transform into people, neither animals nor objects. This was all about Camilo Madrigal Age.

Because of his speed and agility, he can transform into entirely different people of all ages to run and leap as he pleases. He might even imitate the voice of the person he shapes shifted into when he shifts. Aside from that, shock, pain, and stress might unintentionally cause him to transform into a wholly different personality.

His ability does have some restrictions, such as the fact that he can only shape-shift into people and cannot transform into objects or animals. Additionally, Camilo can only imitate traits on a physical level. He does not inherit the magical family members’ abilities when he transforms into one of them. For instance, when Camilo transformed into Bruno, he could duplicate Bruno’s bright green eyes. Camilo can duplicate Bruno’s sparkling eyes but cannot duplicate his uncle’s ability to predict the future. Camilo would only possess Camilo’s normal strength as opposed to her cousin’s supernatural strength if he transformed into his Luisa.

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Summing Up!

The supporting character “Camilo Madrigal,” who possesses a “Shape-shifting talent,” became arguably the most popular for his playful and wisecracking personality. But many of its characters were favourites among the many, many fans. This young man is both an inspiration and somebody to look forward to, and his portion of the story is under consideration with such attention to detail. It is all you need to know about Camilo Madrigal age!


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